If you were a casual gamer

Here’s my useless fluff post of the week.

I read that an “average” gamer buys 5-6 games a year. I know that most of us here are hard core and probably buy (or get paid to play) that many or more a month.

If you were of the causual variety, you know they type of person that likes getting sun, getting laid, taking vacations away from your computer, what games would be on your 5-6 list this year?

Mine would be:

  1. Galciv II, I think this one may be the Civ IV of this year but I’m also afraid it’s so early in the year it will be forgotton come cheesy magazine awards time.

  2. Oblivion. It may end up being a pretty train wreck of a game but I’ll still be buying it on release day.

  3. Star wars empires of war, ordered it last night from Amazon. I’m stoked to play around with some storm troopers.

  4. Sims open for business. Sounds like a blast, adds new interactions and makes days go by in a better fashion than watching them get into a car and then watching the maid come and go in fast forward. You can probably put me down for whatever expansion comes in this fall too. I know I’m a sucker. EA could take a crap in a box and if they put the Sims logo on the front I’d buy it.

  5. Rise of Legends. If they really have a multiplayer community on this one and the interface is as slick and nice as RON was this will replace my love of red alert 2 as the greatest multiplayer RTS ever. I hope they can pull it off.

  6. Final Fantasy XII, yup I’m a sap for this series too.

Ones that would make the list if they made it by the end of the year.

  1. Hellgate london: Diablo II with guns! Rock on.

  2. Disgaea II. 100+ more hours of senseless time wasting and leveling.

I know I’ll buy much more than this but I bet these will be the ones I play most.

Prey, Oblivion, Rise of Legends and Quake Wars.

I don’t see much else that is promising between the major titles.

Then there’s the sequel to Hearts of Iron 2.

You of all people aren’t interested in Darkfall?


If you were a casual gamer, you wouldn’t know all the abbreviations.

Not to mention that if you were a casual gamer, Disgaea would make your brain seize up.

Quake Wars

Yea, I’m waiting for this one too. Not too many PC games on my Radar lately, but this one has managed to stay front and center. Looks like a good BF2/Q4 hybrid, with vehicles and classes.

Im looking forward to less than six games in 2006: Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, Company of Heroes, Rise of Nations 2, and the Half-Life 2 expansion. Thats about it. Unless Spore comes out in 2006. Ill probably pick up a couple when they drop in price, like Prey.

Since life inevitably seize me to do other stuff, (and pursue my other passions), I can only pick up certain games. They most definitely will be

1> GalCiv II . Looks fantastic, and I got sick of the whole Civ IV setting of planet earth. Here’s looking to a worthy sequel to MOO2

2> Oblivion . Yay, World Simulator.

3> Final Fantasy XII. I’m a sucker for the series as well. If not just the general art design the FF team can come up with.

4> Hellgate: London. looking for the next Deus Ex fix.

When is Stalker coming out, if ever?

If you were a casual gamer, you wouldn’t be going within a hundred feet of Disgaea II.

Edit: Oh, and mine:

  1. The New Super Mario Bros.
  2. Heroes DS?
  3. Fallout 3?
  4. Worms DS
  5. Gothic III

Honestly? If i were a casual gamer, i’d go full out for Oblivion and rent anything else that looked interesting.

Valk Profile 2

The biggies for me right now.

Cannot WAIT for Galciv 2. I have surgery coming up in a few weeks (relatively minor) and I want Galciv 2 to nurse me back to health. Rise of Nations looks promising as well as does Oblivion. Beyond that, everything else is a crap shoot.

A few games that are most likely or must haves for me:

[li]Dreamfall: The Longest Journey[/li][li]ES4: Oblivion[/li][li]Heroes of Might and Magic 5[/li][li]GalCiv2[/li][li]NWN2[/li][li]Spore (is that coming this year?)[/li][/ol]

It’ll be great to have a new historical (Civ4), a fantasy (HoMM5), and a sci-fi (GalCiv2) turn-based strategy game on my system at the same time. I just hope that HoMM5 turns out well enough to play. Oblivion’s clearly the biggest RPG release this year and can’t be missed (CE pre-ordered), and Dreamfall is the sequel to my favorite Adventure game of all time. Spore is intriguing enough that I’ll almost assuredly pick it up, although I need to see/hear more about it first. NWN2…I’m just interested in seeing it evolve from NWN. Yep, all PC games since I don’t do console gaming (last was over a decade ago now).

Casual gamers will actually buy:

Sims 2 expansion
WOW expansion
Rollercoaster/Zoo Tycoon (whichever has a sequel this fall)
Nintendogs sequel/follow-up
Guitar Hero 2

Not this year. Late 2007.

Heroes V
GalCiv II
Rise of Legends
Caesar IV

Ugh, all sequels, but, hopefully, all will live up to their predecessors.


You win this thread. :)