If you're a fan of the same [0,∞) games I am...

I created this project for when you lose your game manuals and stuff.

Video Game Keyboard Diagrams

I hope you like it!

I do like it, what an amazing thing!

EDIT - Oh man, this is freaking unreal. How long did this take you?!

Wow, that is crazy. That’s a lot of detailed data.

Fucking. Fantastic.

I suppose you haven’t put Arma in there because it would break your software that does the diagrams!


I was worried this thread might be too spammy/promotional.

I started working on this in 2004 at least, but back then it was 100% JavaScript/HTML instead of PHP.

I noticed two issues just now:

  1. The scripts don’t work right if you select a Layout FIRST before a Game.
  2. I was lazy with the Dvorak layout. I just shifted some keys around. I should really only add the Dvorak bindings if the developer specifically supported that layout.


LOL, I never played Arma. Multiplayer FPSs are too hectic for my slow brain. ;)

Nicely done.

Pretty stunning work @Yack_Attack. SALUTE!

It has proper single player campaigns! ;)

Wait, I see no EF2000 or TIE Fighter (flips desk). THIS WHOLE THING IS GARBAGE. ;)

That is a fantastic project and you are off to a very nice start. I truly am impressed. Thank you very much.


This is extremely impressive. If you don’t mind, I am going to spread the word on this.

…particularly since we seem to have the exact same taste in games.

Seriously, this is really great. Anyone who likes MissionForce: Cyberstorm is A-OK in my book.

VERY nice!

Wow this is fantastic!

OMG, this is epic.

Someone get this over to NeoGAF, RPS, et al stat!

Wow. Super impressive. I like how you’ve created a way for people to submit their own keys using excel, although I’ll be honest, I wasn’t completely clear on what IN/OUT means.

I really like your color scheme for the various groups.

Again, sweet job.

Wow! Nice work there!