If you're a fan of the same [0,∞) games I am...

That is incredible. Truly impressive.

Updated with a brand new submission form:


Still not sure what to do about joysticks and gamepads since there are so many, many of them. :(

Also, still no bindings for Arma. YOU CAN FIX THIS!!

I don’t know how I missed this thread the first time, but I just want to give you another slap on the back and a “Well done!”

Also, the SP campaigns in the Arma games are pretty great, if you haven’t yet tried them.

This is great. Good job. Bookmarked.

Thanks everyone!

I spent the last month or so overhauling the site. I must have rewritten a third of it. And there are 50 new games since my last post. The project is on GitHub now too.


Not sure how I missed this, it’s brilliant.

I started thinking about that OLED keyboard that was released awhile ago and trying to integrate this but alas, they stopped making it. Plus I don’t think it could render so much small text, but this would have been a killer feature for a keyboard like that.

Another thank you. Back in the day I always used to have the manual in front of me open to the keyboard layouts. As manuals disappeared I tend to use the keyboard a lot less nowadays. So this is incredibly handy. I have been playing XCom 2 and never even thought about keyboard shortcuts until now.

I remember the keyboard with programmable displays - that died? Wasn’t it via Kickstarter awhile back? Sad times.

It was a very good idea, but would not necessarily result in the most ergonomic keyboard. Usually, keyboard keys are sloped and curved slightly. Except laptop keyboards I guess.

The back-lit colors on RGB gaming keyboards are probably more of a gimmick I suspect. (I don’t own one.) Has anyone here gotten a lot of use out of them?

Yep, I have a couple of games set up for it like the newest Doom. I tend to play it with the lights out and have the keys I use glowing red. Since I am not a big FPS player, I tend to forget which keys I need outside of the common ones. I don’t bother with most games though.

What tool do you use to configure the back lights?

It’s a Logitech keyboard, so their default set up program. It doesn’t have the greatest UI, but it’s pretty easy to set up. The bigger issues is remembering what keys to highlight.

Do you know whether the configurations are stored in a text file?

Not that I can find, no.

If the configuration files were text or XML I could probably export the data.