If you've got a lemon, make some PlayStation-ade

So in another thread here I posted a list of a collection of PS2 and PSOne games, though not all were mine, a considerable amount were. It took some time to write out, much more than my usual posts. So I figure, why not get some mileage out of it and talk about some of these games, since a lot of them are pretty nifty or otherwise notable.

As a bonus, I’ll give you an update on their PS3 backwards compability!

The Little Country of Erutolia-

Impressions: This one is a small, nifty strategy/sim game that isn’t all that deep, but still a lot of fun. You are the heir to a medieval fantasy kingdom and you have to prove your worth. You manage the kingdom by reclaiming land, building more things, strengthening technology and listening to requests for parts of the city in the kingdom. You can also choose to walk around and talk to the random people who come or have to come live in your city.

At the same time, it would behoove you to find a queen, so you get to develop relationships with girls of the kingdom, or rescue a damsel in distress, or play host to visits from other kingdoms.

Similarly, you can play a very simple RPG portion that is a sidequest of defeating an evil king, and take in the spoils from your adventuring around the kingdom to help finance the sim parts.

None of these parts are truly excellent, but they are all pretty good for what they are and the game overall is rather addictive.

PS3 BC: Confirmed problems include jumping out of the television screen to scare you to death and high frequency moaning like an emo kid from your PS3.

Sega Ages: Dragon Force-

Impressions - It’s great to finally have a reliable version of Dragon Force for the ages and the small little details they added, like some redrawn were wonderful. I jumped for joy when I heard this was releasing to get the chance to actually own a version of it. Passed it up when it first released and then ended up paying somebody 6000 yen for it, despite the fact that it’s a budget game, because I couldn’t find it anywhere else. :/

PS3 BC: Confirmed instances of chopping off a player’s penis and feeding it to termites.

Jumping Flash! Special European Edition-

Impressions: This was included as an extra in one version of Jumping Flash or the other, it’s been so long that I’ve forgotten which one, but it’s a very cool extra. I wish companies do that more often, include a foreign version of a game as an extra.

PS3 BC: Will actually transport you to the top of a rollercoaster where you will fall to your death – in 4D.

Detective Jinguji Saburo: Kind of Blue
“”: In the Time It Takes for Light to Fade
“”: Innocent Black
“”: The Unpublished Report
“”: To the End of a Dream

Impressions - All of these games are beautifully well made adventure titles. It’s a lesser known fact perhaps that Japanese adventure games (as in PC style, Sierra and Lucasarts) revolve mostly around murder mysteries and are mostly in first person, which may sound odd. Jinguji Saburo has been around since the Famicom days and it is like the Monkey Island of Japanese adventure games, in that they’re really high quality. It’s actually much more serious than Monkey Island.

These games have innovated in multiple ways over the years, rather like Shenmue before Shenmue was Shenmue, you could cool off by playing various minigames, like darts or cards. Rather like Solid Snake, the protagonist’s smoking habit comes in handy during the game – smoking a puff of your cigarette is an option for intimidating or staring down subjects in dialogue trees to get them to talk. The games also started including little mini-episodes and events to play around with after the main game had completed and these were AWESOME. As well, there was a really cool dialogue mechanic that started appearing in the PlayStation games that I happen to think is the best yet seen for an adventure game. Last but not least, there is a thinking/reasoning/inferring command that allows you to think about and connect various parts of the plot and actually gives you some measure of your control over how the protagonist comes to think the way he does and allows for some branching.

The games also have beautiful jazz soundtracks and a slightly noir-tinged feel, with excellent, distinctive pencil-sketch and ink art. The upcoming Nintendo DS title Wish Room seems to be owe a lot to these games.

PS3 BC: Will randomly cause murder mysteries to sprout up in your house and neighborhood and then your PS3 will accuse you of the murder and shut down your accounts.

Little Big Adventure-

Impressions: In another thread, people were talking about this one. I have fond memories of it and will always be thankful I found it one day resting in a used shop for 800 yen. I might never have played and tracked down the sequel as well and that would be have been a shame. <3 <3 <3

PS3 BC: Will cause the poles of your planet to misalign and change their weather systems.

Neo Planet-

Impressions: People tell me this is a PC port. I have never been able to figure out the truth. It’s actually a rather nice game. But man, if it isn’t a PC port, it sure feels like one due to the actual mouse cursor the developers make you use to interact with and of course this was released before the Dual Shock, so you had to use the original d-pad.

Anyway, for people wondering, it’s like Outpost or Alpha Centauri, I suppose in that you develop life on another planet. It’s very deep, but very hard to get into, not list of which because of the awful controls, the worst and most completely nonsensical I’ve ever encountered for a game like this on a console.

PS3 BC: Will cause everything you interact with in the real world to be mouse controlled. Want to eat an apple? Doube click! Want to have sex? Click and drag!

Spin Tail-

Impressions: Do you know what this is? It’s actually Gex 2 for the PlayStation, does anyone remember that? It was a middling copy of the Mario 64 game style and for some reason I really liked it and though it was solid and still do, even though the jokes are even worse in Japanese than in English.

PS3 BC: Will cause your PS3 to emit random obscence fart jokes during gameplay for every game you play, even if it isn’t Spin Tail.

Sol Divide
Star Wars: Rebel Assault II-

Impressions: I’m not entirely sure why I own these. I think it’s because they make me laugh. It’s not so bad keeping a stinker or two from time to time, especially if they’re the fun kind of bad and these are so fun to tease.

PS3 BC: Will cause your entire life to become a B-movie, either along the lines of Jason & the Argonauts (Sol Divide) or the Wing Commander movie (Star Wars: Rebel Assault II).


I don’t know about PlayStation-ade, but I do know someone that’s been drinking the Kool-Aid.

He’s from Japan.

Given his past history with what he chooses to drink, I doubt it’s Kool-Aid, PlayStation-ade, or lemonade…

Go back to Berkeley, otaku! No-one believes the “hey, i’m japanese… from japan!” story. Fucking amateur.

I can’t tell whether you mean this as a good or bad thing. Personally, I love roller coasters. I also kinda got a kick from the first person platforming of Jumping Flash.