IGN for Haiti auction/telethon tomorrow

This is not strictly gaming related but I’m posting it here because it’s the most heavily-trafficked section of the board. Hope you don’t mind, Tom.

Tomorrow IGN is hosting an all-day online telethon/auction to raise money for Haiti disaster relief. They’ve got some really good stuff to auction off that covers both gaming and general interests. Many of the items up for auction are already online here:


I’ll be on the telethon from 12:30-1:30pm to talk about stuff and also sign some exclusive swag from The Book of Eli that has been generously donated by Warner Bros.

Here’s the link for the telethon itself, which is also accepting regular donations as well as auction bids. It’s live from 9am-9pm PST tomorrow:

Anyway. Watch. Bid. Give!

Sadly, it looks like all of the auctions are US only, so I won’t even bother looking through all the cool swag.

That said, it’s really cool of IGN to do something like this.