IGN hit with layoffs, 1UP, UGO and GameSpy shutting down

From the official memo:

Our goal is to do fewer things and to do them exceptionally well. In that vein, we want to direct all of our energy and work behind our two flagship brands: IGN and AskMen. They are both category killers and share a vision of a multi-screen (PCs, tablets, smartphones, TV) and multi-format (text, photos and video) world.

IGN’s role going forward will be to broadcast and cover a variety of eSports events;

End of an era.

Also, I’m suprised UGO was still a thing.

I am bummed because that means the Retronaut’s podcast is going away. Can’t say I am a reader of any of those sites, but I always enjoyed Jeremy Parrish and Bob Mackey’s reviews when they pop up in my rss feed.

I’m surprised they’re actually shutting down the sites, rather than consolidating their content behind multiple brands to maintain their numbers. That’s probably a bad move.

Can’t quite tell what’s happening with the IPL, but I hope it survives because it’s pretty good and the only IGN think I consume

GameSpy was my first paying gig. What a shame to see it go.

The others… meh

Sad to hear that gamespy’s going away.

Wow, I hope those folks find new gigs soon.

End of an era, indeed.

Really annoying that GameSpy is going down. It was actually one of my favorite PC game review sites.

I really liked Gamespy quite a lot for a long time, but its recent focus on PC gaming was making it one of my favorite daily haunts. This is a huge shame.

This is really sad, and I can’t help but wonder what impact it will have on the IPL guys right now. They’ve got a giant tournament in Vegas coming up late next month. . . or at least they did as of yesterday :-/

I’m sad to see Gamespy go. Enjoyed their reviews and information on the free to play stuff.

Blue News will survive them all :D

Sorry to hear this. Professional independent games journalism has declined by fits and starts for over a decade now, and I don’t see the trend reversing any time soon.

As much as I love Blue News for my daily dose of news, the community is about the most negative bunch of misfits you can find.

Well, good to know - I don’t I’ve ever checked out the comment section despite following Blues for 13+ years.

In other news: Jeremy Parish’s write-up on the end of 1UP…

I have mixed feelings. Gamespy has given me some good reads at times, and I loved several of the 1UP-related podcasts (though I’m afraid I stopped following them after the great print media purge of whenever-it-was). But I’ve never, ever been impressed with IGN content or design-wise, nor subsidiary sites like Fileplanet. Still, even at a company I didn’t particularly like, it sucks that people will be losing jobs.

I enjoyed but didn’t regularly read 1up, haven’t looked at gamespy in years, and actively dislike IGN. Oh well.

Hopefully those guys end up at Polygon. It’s going places.

Oh, wait, I misread the announcement (where it sounded like IGN was turning into ESPN for eSports and nothing else, when what was actually being said is that IGN is only going to -cover- eSports, not run them). So, the sites that had good content are going away and IGN will be the focus, but at least may inherit a few of the better staff at the other sites, maybe? That just pretty much sucks.