IGN hit with layoffs, 1UP, UGO and GameSpy shutting down

This is a real bummer. Gamespy has been one of my favorite websites ever since they debuted the Flintlocke comic. I’ve loved their PC focus lately. I don’t even know what else to say. I’ve spent nine years going there on a near daily basis.

Oh well, Ziff Davis drowns another puppy.

It’s morbidly funny how Ziff Davis wasn’t happy fucking over 1UP with horrible management once, they had to re-buy them so they could kill them again.

Parish had a good site of his own before going to 1Up.

Mixed feelings about this.

Mostly true, except for a poster called Jerykk. I always pay attention to his posts and often wonder why he’s wasting his time there. He doesn’t post often, though, so it’s like looking for a gem in a sea of…

1up was at some point my go to site in gaming but that changed after the massive layoffs, there was still good content on the site just the technology of site bugged so I avoid it.
I suppose the IGN strategy of having different sites covering the same topic made some sense because of different styles appealed to different readers and they could share the ad network, but clearly it didn’t work financially, so with the sale it would be a matter f time until things got trimmed down. Best of luck to people involved, but it looks like the games publishing market it’s shrinking so not everyone can continue in this line of work.

Yeah, I used to post there, but I’ve never seen such an overwhelmingly cynical group of people. I can’t imagine why anyone in those comments actually still plays games today.

Heck, Jerykk is a name I recognize as being one of those cynical people, and didn’t he always advocate piracy or somesuch? Been years since I read comments there, could be wrong.

BN is too hard on the eyes to read.

Sorry to hear about this. Loved Gamespy’s gaming content many years ago and enjoyed 1UP’s console coverage a couple of years ago, though haven’t really been on either much the last 2 years or so. UGO I never cared for. And what is this Askmen? Oh well.

It looks like Dan Stapleton, who’d taken over the helm at Gamespy is still at IGN, so good for him. Best of luck to all the other folks though. I also enjoyed the new PC-centric Gamespy.

Yeah, he’s written and helped coordinate some great features at Gamespy.

I kind of feel like the last, distant descendant of CGW just got Ziffed to death.

Ah, this is a bummer. 1UP I had started reading much less when the staff got gutted a few years ago, but it was my favourite gaming site prior to that point and it’s sad to see it go. And Gamespy’s PC-only reinvention launched it into my daily rotation, they were doing great stuff.

Any other good gaming review sites out there? Specifically sites for PC? I read RPS, Qt3, and Gamespy. Now… not Gamespy anymore.

Polygon is good. Eurogamer is not terrible.

Never seen him advocate piracy, but I only pick and choose certain topics so maybe I missed it, or maybe he stopped that before I started paying attention to his posts.

My favorite review sites are GameSpot, Eurogamer and RPS - GameSpy was in that club. Other review sites I sometimes read are 1UP (another goner), Game Over Online, and Game Chronicles.

When I dive into a game it becomes something of a pet project of mine. Apart from reading reviews I also bookmark and read impression threads here (QT3), on GamingTrend, Octopus Overlords, and sometimes on NeoGAF. Of all those impression threads, nothing remotely beats QT3 when you get enthusiastic about a game. A good example is the thread for Just Cause 2, which I’m reading these days. Much better quality of impressions, bug reports, questions and stories than on any other forum I’ve seen.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun is a very good PC centered site. They do not give scores in their reviews (yay) but have some quite talented journalists that makes reviews that are easily understood.

RPS = Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

Is Rebel FM associated with IGN? Doesn’t Anthony Gallegos work for them?

Oh you kids and your crazy acronyms!