IGN review summaries

What’s the policy for posting the summaries of locked IGN reviews on these boards? Yes, no…we’re to cool for that?

Summaries? I don’t think they can prevent you from summarizing it. Copying is another matter of course.

But who here would wanna see a IGN review?

Post them anonymously as your own opinions.

What’s the policy for posting the summaries of locked IGN reviews on these boards?

No policy. I don’t know if IGN cares whether their end-of-review summaries are posted, but if it’s cool with them, you guys can knock yourselves out. If it’s not cool with them, I imagine they’ll let us know. Then Mark or I will have to figure out how to take them down.

We do, however, encourage everyone to plagiarize Erik Wolpaw’s reviews.


I just ask because it recently became a big deal on the Gone Gold Forums. I always appreciated it when Insiders would copy-paste the summaries/score summaries of locked reviews on the board. That’s coming to a stop now. Frankly, Gone Gold provides good reasons for stopping it.

Anyway, good to hear the policy isn’t as strict here. Like most people at Qt3 even care about review scores anyway.

Well, wholesale copy/paste of summary boxes could be considered copyright violation.

Actually SUMMARIZING a review, though, is completely kosher.

Now why would IGN care? All it is is a summary of an extremely well written review which is so good it is deserving of our money. The informative and entertaining portion is still locked safely away at IGN’s servers. I would think it would be like free advertising for IGN.

“Look how good this summary is!!! Makes you wonder at the literary heights the full review goes to doesn’t it? Makes you wanna pay for more of the same, huh? This is just the tip of the iceberg and the icing on the cake. You know what? You could have the whole cake and the whole iceberg for just pennies a day. Interested? Well head on over to IGN and sign up, 'caise there’s a lot more where this came from.”

All one really has to do is wait a week to post a link to the review once it’s unlocked. Unlike Gamespot, you can see the review after a week. I think the Gamespot way would be more conducive to abuse since they lock up their content after a period of time, never to be seen again by non-paying eyes.


Personally, I hate IGN. I think they suck. But, I agree with many of their reviews, and they usually post those scores before anyone else. However, if they were to just disappear one day, you would not hear any complaints from me. Hell, it would save me time.

Oops! I may have left out one caveat. Did you mean the italicized summary or the summary including scores? The scores should not be posted free of charge under any circumstances. Specifically, the ever so crucial Lasting Appeal number. Usually, I would not read a bit of IGN’s reviews and make all of my purchasing decisions exclusively by scrolling to the bottom of the final page for that score. :wink:

Honestly, since the pay service began, I rarely visit IGN. If I do, it is a link from Gamerankings on a game I am interested in.

Here is a ganked excerpt from the non-locked IGN review of Master of Orion III:

Lasting Appeal: Deep and rich as a primeval ocean-soup. Surmount the learning curve, and you’ll never put it down. 9.4

See that. I do not need to wade through the 6, count 'em 6, pages of a review when you have this. That score should be guarded like a national secret by IGN.

Why bother with all that text, when you can just go to the score?


It takes them longer to get it, and I’m impatient :)