Ign reviews vegas

IGN suckage aside:
Holy shit, this sounds GREAT. I was going to wait to buy it and use the scratch towards finally getting some decent audio for my home theater, but forget it, surround sound can wait till december, my game buying spree MUST continue.

I loved the demo and posted as much on the thread here. Seems a lot of folks did not though. I demo’d it on the 360 and thought it felt very responsive while at the same time looked great. All the controls felt right, giving comands was easy and I enjoyed the new zip line feature.

The first time I unloaded I blew some of the wooden railing away, ran up and saw the splinters in it. Nice!

Good. One less guy who’s overloading their live headset with blasting surround sound.

Miked headphones FTW. Doesn’t wake the baby and makes your own speech a lot more audible.

Responsive yes, great looking yes.

AI dumber than bricks … also yes. Scripted, identical encounters … ditto. I can really stand only one derivative shooter (with potential good multi) at a time, and right now Gears is it.

Rental for me.

How does that work? The 360 headset has a special plug doesn’t it? I’ve wanted to use a mic’d headphones setup for a while now, but haven’t been able to due to the design of the 360 voice system.

um, it has multi, who cares about the ai? it only has to hit you once on realistic anyways, it can be dumb.

thread hijack

With the 360, can you play online with rented games or does each game have a unique ID to prevent multiple players from playing online with the same disk/keycode? I’m curious because I’m leaning towards a 360 and I have a feeling most of my games will be rentals due to the ass raping prices.

You can play online with rented games, or your buddy’s borrowed games, or whatever. The key to online play is just your Xbox Live account, it isn’t linked to specific copies of the games.

Turtle Beach FTW. These are the ones I have. My wife laughs at me when I use them because they are SO HUGE. I think they’re also the deprecated model, it looks like the X1 model is smaller and more practical generally. But they do work just dandy. Of course you have to plug them into the amplifier’s headphone jack AND into their own little power adapter AND into the 360’s remote, but what the hell, they do the job.

They also have a wireless model, but I don’t care.

CCZ is right. That’s a big plus for Live and the 360.