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Seen at Bluesnews that Sony Online plans to merge two more servers.

This is the largest change on the horizon, and therefore deserves a bit more attention. Over time, we have optimized our servers to further increase their capacity of players and action. The community has called for bigger battles and more of them and we want to deliver. We want to do our part in heightening the action in PlanetSide by putting more players into combat-heavy areas. Given our enhanced infrastructure and having heard the players’ wishes, we have decided to make some changes to the way our servers operate by folding Konried into Emerald and Johari into Markov. This capacity change is tentatively scheduled for December 5 at 3am Pacific Time (Thursday night/Friday morning). While we realize this is a major adjustment, we are also keenly aware that a large percentage of the player community has been asking for this, and we think that they’re right. PlanetSide is all about massive battles, and this will turbo charge that experience for our community.

Big surprise, I guess.


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