I got an email from my brother last week. It reads, in part:


This game is on par with Cave Story.

This caught my attention, as, honestly, almost no game is truly on par with Cave Story. Neither is this one, in actual fact, but it does share certain similarities: it’s a freeware indie Metroidvania game and it’s awesome.

Yeah, there are sure flaws. Yeah, the graphics are mostly not so good. But it’s still one of the better games I’ve played this year. You should play it too.

It’s a great game. The animation makes things look really fluid and hard hitting. Something about it really clicks for me in a way that few 2D games do.

everyone with at least a passing interest in 2D action/side-scrollers should give it a chance.

One recommendation: don’t play this on Hard even though it’s only the second difficulty setting unless you actually do want a real challenge… I just now finally finished the seventh level, and it’s gotten really, really tough.

Saw the trailer. It won. I shall play.

Excited about this one, though it’s a bit down in my backlog.

Finished. 3-4 hour sitting. Powerful. Albeit cliche. Challenging. And I managed to come below 100 kills and ranked as a “mere” killer, so there’s this interesting “don’t be such a violent FPSer” aspect to it…
Somewhat of a cross between Abuse and ElectroMan.

I say someone should make Yahtzee review it. Should be interesting…

I’d rather play this on my 360- I’m nearly tempted to send him the 99$ to get him into the creators club, but then I think, if he owned a 360, he’d be doing it, and I’m not buying that.

Actually, why do I go so far and not very parallel at that…

Alien Carnage/Halloween Harry is a far better matching descriptor.

This is actually a pretty fun game, although I’m still annoyed at games that don’t let you shoot while crouching.

Doesn’t let you shoot while jumping either.

The game is alright. I thought it got a bit heavy-handed at times but it’s compelling and the customization stuff is pretty neat. There’s some real trade-offs to be made here!

This is one of my favorite games this year. I’m not sure who to recommend it to, though. It sort of looks like Flashback but plays nothing like it. It’s somewhat Metroid-like but the character is way less agile. All the guns give it a bit of an FPS vibe, but its much slower paced, more about planning out ways to approach encounters than on the fly reaction of most FPS. So I just recommend it to everyone.