IL-2 for the Xbox 360

Holy crap, I never even thought of that. Too Bad, though.

I find it somewhat ironic that nowhere in that trailer could be seen an IL-2.

I hate to say this, but I agree.

I just can’t get in to realistic flight sims. About the most realistic thing I can handle is Aces of the Pacific.

I think they’re hoping for brand name recognition… the name has been out there a looong time.

Wow. The IL-2 rivet counters have to be apoplectic about this.

Amazingly things are pretty calm over at SimHQ and 1C’s forums. The biggest concern seems to stem from the lack of BOB updates and whether or not the project is still a go.

Anyway, here’s a good one to snack on.

Hmmmm. I find the color pretty appalling. The landscape looks more like Northern California in the summer—everything baked brown, washed out—does not look like the rich greens of an English summer at all. Airplanes look like they have been in North Africa. Hurricane MkI with the long Rotol spinner of the MkII?! Spitfire IB with 20mm, hmmm—only one squadron had these. Fuselage stripes are ca. autumn 1940. Is this scenario supposed to be winter? I see the Ubi forum is down. The 1C forum is going apeshit with speculation. Even Oleg’s No1 fanboy, Chivas, is whining, whimpering, and puling for information after trashing others who complained of no info for months. In sum, I am not impressed by 1C’s company policy. Russians—secretive snooks!

This does not look at all like BOB the SOW—it does look like a console game. The landscape does not look like the fabulous stuff we have seen in the genuine BOB videos, and the airplanes do not look like the extremely authentic airplanes in the genuine BOB videos.

Same boat. I have no problem with Microsoft Flight Sim but the majority of combat stuff just crushes me mercilessly. I can barely even get off the ground in 1946. Except one time I flew a mission in bi-planes for the Finns against some Russian bombers, and I think we won. I might even have shot one down.

Have you guys tried playing IL2 with relaxed realism settings?

European Air War was a great successor to AOP. Nothing in flight sims has grabbed me the way those 2 games did. Sort of like Tie Fighter and space sims.

Cursed Firefox ate my wonderful tretise on how to create a combat sim that would bring back the disenchanted and still appeal to the hardcore. Rather than retype it, I’ll just offer to actually build the sim for anyone who can get me a few mil in venture capital.

Aye. Anyone wanting an easy time of it can pretty much turn everything difficult off, hold the trigger down, and have planes exploding all around you. I think IL2 gets a bad rep because of just how difficult you can make, not how much you have to. Even after playing it for eight years, I leave certain things like complex engine management, gyro effects and wind turbulence off.

I was looking for a tutorial, and all the tutorials I could find said leave the settings as they are out of the box! I will try it without these insane options selected.

Preview here:

Choice quote:

“But the biggest question that most people will have is, how much did they dumb the game down for the Xbox 360? The answer is: not at all. Birds of Prey includes a simulation mode that is no different than the most strict simulation mode of the original PC title. Really. The flight model has not been simplified in the least for the Xbox 360, even though it was a challenge to make it work with the Xbox 360 controller. Don’t worry, flight stick support is definitely included.”

Assuming that’s true, I am totally there.

Here’s what Oleg had to say about it. Very brief, as usual.

Hi Guys,

I have posted dev update. Sorry for so long time no see. Simply we are so very busy with Alfa BoB and preparing of source code for Korean simulator… There was still no time-room for IL-2 4.09… sorry.

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Good to hear from you Oleg and good to hear the Alpha is under way. Could you comment a little bit on IL2: Birds of Prey? Could you give us some hints how it will compare with SOW?

We are not busy with Birds of Prey project. It is third party project under control of 1C. We just gave them full source code and did neccessary consultations.
It looks good, but not like BoB engine. BoB engine it is not modification of Il-2 engine.
Also I tested periodically BoP and would like to say that the contol of aircraft there and FM isn’t like in all arcade sim-games, but control aircraft is more easy than in arcade sims… becasue the guys keeping some original physics from Il-2.

Hope I did right answers for all the buzz around it


In some ways Birds of Prey could be an even better game than IL-2 if they update the AI and campaign mission engine, and use the power of a single player-only game to have many more than the 20-30 planes max that would happen in IL-2. And being able to play it in glorious 1080p will be quite an enjoyable change from squinting for dots on the horizon.

IL-2 is really best in the outlying, goofy areas of WW2, where you don’t have many preconceptions about how things should be. I still remember clearly that mission i flew as a Brewster Buffalo pilot in Finnish service, killing 4 planes with my guns, and ramming (taran) the final plane without wrecking my plane in the process. Flying all those dreadful varnished delta wood coffins in Soviet service was an extremely interesting thing from many points of view, but in the end the campaign mission structure never kept up with the huge numbers of planes that were constantly being added. I still think the best missions were the ones way back 5 years ago in IL-2 vanilla. The random map generator subsequently added is a pretty poor substitute as it would constantly generate brain-dead suicidal missions “now comrade, you must fly your poorly armed biplane armed with 50lbs of bombs into the heart of the enemy’s airbase!”

However in multiplayer, IL-2 shines; nothing matches the pulse pounding adrenaline of a well-run IL-2 war. Flying low-level ground attack missions in the rain, watching your friends fall to flak and fire, avoiding real pilots in the clouds, ect. The real problem with IL-2 wasn’t that it was hardcore but that everything outside of the flying model was so half-assed and spartan; most of the squads flying campaigns went to great lengths to simulate realistic conditions and to create missions that encouraged anything other than random deathmatch dogfighting. Another, rather large, problem was the segmentation between missions and dogfighting AI logic - if you created a respawning map, none of the AI would do anything. So no moving ships, no moving tanks, no AI pilots, ect. This meant that quite literally it would take about 2 hours between flying pregenerated missions when involving 20-30 people. Not to mention the cat-herding that goes on with that many people anyway.

From Joystiq:

No details on the gameplay or plot of Birds of Prey, but our deductive reasoning tells us it will likely be either about fighter planes, or predatory fowl. Guesses?

Way to google, guys.