IL2 Forgotten Battles

Will the next Il-2 have a padlock lockon view ala WW2 fighters? Plus I like to add that little box camera view … especially to give a more realistic representatiion of awarenees than staring at a computer monitor. I mean, its hard in prop engine sims to get situational awareness, which is why I think its ok for realisms sake to have that little target camera view.


Interesting idea … but you would have the IL2 purists screaming for blood. :)

Just picked up my two preordered copies.

The conversation w/the clerk went like this…

Me: Have you got any copies of Freelancer?
Clerk: We did, but we’re sold out. They came in yesterday, then poof, gone.
Me: Well, I’m here to pick up two preordered copies of Forgotten Battles.
Clerk: Oh, you must be… Mark Bussman.
Me: Yeah. Am I the only one? [who preordered it]
Clerk: Yeah, but it’s a good thing you did though, because we only got 4 copies.

So apparently the stories on the IL-2 boards about some stores only getting 4 copies is true.

Anyway, off to install it now, I’ll be back in a couple of days. ;)

Yup, I was only able to find one store locally that had more than the pre-ordered amount of copies. I’ll be installing it tonight. Between this and Freelancer, I might just be in gaming heaven…;)

Between FB, Freelancer and GalCiv, this March sure looks like a great month for gaming. 8)

Between FB, Freelancer and GalCiv, this March sure looks like a great month for gaming. 8)[/quote]
Bahaha, I just found out right before you posted this that I’m getting a review copy of GalCiv. I am soooo damned happy.

Anybody flying with a Cougar HOTAS? Is there an Il-2 profile you’d recommend in particular? Frugal has a pretty big selection on his Cougar pages but it’s hard to tell which ones might be more useful for a noob like me.

I caved in and ordered FB from EBgames in the U.S. :roll:

Yep the pedants are coming out to play - the first in a series of quotes from the IL2 hardcore community. You can never be TOO hardcore !

And so it begins …

Author: bigvette
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Date: 03/07/03 04:53AM

IL2 used such an accurate flight model that it set the standard for flight sims and FB is all the more better but this is what has always kind of turned me off.

I’m a stickler for detail and while IL2 and FB seem to address this well, I don’t understand the logic of making such an incredibly authentic and realistic flight model and by going the extra mile in FB to include all the complex engine controls WITHOUT authentic engine start-up and shut-down sequences and graphics.

This one-button crap is for Nintendo and the like and totally kills the imersion for me. I can even play with the mags now, but I can’t start the Me-109 like in real life.

The worst thing is the shut down - the sound is barely accpetable but the grphic is horrendus - the prop simply just stops - no momemtum or anything. I know this may be the case on some aircraft in some occasions, but this is not the case on all aircraft.

All I ask for is finish what you all set out to do and give us in a preceeding patch FULL control over our beloved and most faithfully reproduced aircraft by letting us control all aspects of the engines - we’re like 95% of the way there, don’t stop now!!!

… and another …

Author: BSHD
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Date: 03/07/03 05:51AM

“These aircraft are equipped with MW50 injection system. The system operates automatically, giving the engine additional power as you move the throttle control beyond the 100% mark. The system can be switched on and off (using the WEP control key), however, it may only be done when the engine is idle or running on lower throttle to prevent damage. Also, it should be switched off when it runs out of water-methanol mix as it can¡¯t operate properly without external pressure and may lead to engine damage.”

above is the content directly from the readme file and the main points are 3:

  1. when push the throttle to 100+, the mw50 will be activated AUTOMATICALLY.
  2. the mw50 can’t be activated (by W key) when engine is running on high throttle, otherwise, eninge will be damaged.
  3. when mw50 is depleted, turn it off, otherwise engine will be damaged.

i tried in the game with K4.

  1. i don’t see any AUTOMATIC mw50 on when throttle even at 110%, while the P47 does (engine to 110%, water injection boost will start automatically).
  2. i turn on and off mw50 when engine is at 110% and see nothing is damaged.
  3. mw50 will deplete? when and where can i find the mw50 capacity?

anybody knows why?

BTW: now the german fighter will get engine dad right when the egine is overheated, especially for dora 1945. for k4, it’s much better, but i still dare not to keep it overheat for more than 30 seconds.

More quotes please :)

I liked the one who mentionated the Nintendo nonsense. Jeez.

The Il-2 hardcore fanbois are pretty much the best Flight-Sim Follies fodder I have these days. If Wargamer ever puts up my new Follies…grumble grumble (then again, it’s a pretty vicious Follies for such a mainstream site) :twisted:


I was going to talk about my many exciting IL2 battles, but I, like, totally forgot about them.


Why aren’t the WG folks putting up your Follies?

Schamers got fired from Wargamer? :o

Who knows. Sent it in to them last week for their new flight-sim side of things, and POOF off it went into the aether. It’s started to get a little dated now, and if I don’t see it up by this weekend, it’ll go on my garbage web space (just like the last one).

And let’s not start that “Scharmers Fired from Dogfighter” thing again :roll:


Yeah, the flight sim thingy at the WG is taking off really slowly (pun not intended). I’m working on a book review for 'em, but I think Mark is really busy at the moment.

I’ve heard that there is no consumer system in existence right now that run the game with the pixel shader water?

Link? I could go for a little FSF right now.

Ah, cool, I didn’t know you were doing Follies still, Scharmers.

The sad thing is the crap those IL-2 dweebs want is SO inconsequential. If they ever flew even laser combat in a Marchetti, they’d realize the systems minutia they’re obsessing over is irrelevant. And that even the best sim is as much like flying in combat as watching a videotape about a rollercoaster is like riding one.