Il2 Sturmovik 1946 now in stores

Yet another release in the Il2 series. And in case anyone was interested in checking out Il2, there has never been a better time to pick it up.

1946 includes all of the past Il2 content, including Forgotten Battles, Ace expansion, and Pacific Fighters. As well as a few aircraft and prototypes that weren’t produced in time to see service in the actual war. The game costs 50 bucks on Gogamer.

This is still the same Il2 that I love and hate for different reasons. The menus and UI still suck ass. But the greatest crime is the complete lack of any real dynamic campaign. I mean sure, the game has randomly created missions linked together into a campaign that will keep you guessing; but the campaign is definitely what is holding this game back.

On the plus side, this has GOT to be the most flyable planes available stock in any flight simulator ever. If you want to fly it, chances are you will get to in 1946.

229 flyable aircraft

Granted most of those are different variants of the same plane, but damn that’s still impressive. The game comes with a pdf file showing the cockpit instruments for each flyable plane and giving performance characteristics. The damn thing is 459 pages long.

And I’m pretty sure IL2 is still the only game that lets you fly for Poland, Slovakia, and Finland.

Oleg just needs someone to make him a real dynamic campaign and I’ll be set.

IL2 was, and always will be the best flight sim without a soul. People always mourn the lack of a dynamic campaign, but that doesn’t stop them from buying the same product over and over and over again for the past 5 years.

I agree but what keeps them coming back for more is the strong online following it has but mostly because there’s no competition. Oleg makes 'em pretty and vapid but he’s the only one making sims these days for the WW2 market.

They keep coming back because Oleg is the only one making sims for the WW2 market these days. It sucks but what else are we going to fly for WW2 combat?

I dunno, maybe stop buying his games until he gives you what you so desperately want?

The thing that always got to me was the absurd amount of time that you were forced to fly to your mission, even when you accelerated the time. A simple ‘skip to encounter’ key would have been nice.

in these sims i could rarely even get the plane to take off without crashing it.

IL2 and its successors are simply awesome.

I wish the game were a little more co-op friendly… but at least there is a powerful mission editor that lets you make your own missions.

What we really need is another European Air War. Now THAT was a sim. I do wish it had had more than 256 colors, and allowed for auto-coordinated flight unless you told it different, but otherwise that one was da bomb. I loved flying bomber escort and seeing something like 18 B-17s in the air (which was NOTHING compared to the numbers that really flew). Unfortunately the flight model was such that it insisted that you use your rudder correctly, which I never got the knack of, so I’d lose airspeed in no time and end up on the deck.

Nothing beats IL-2 for online combat. Nothing.

Oleg has plans to license out the Il-2 engine to interested third parties. 1Cs Theatre of War uses it but the one Russian WW1 Flight Sim dropped it in favour of a home brew solution. We might see a Korean War sim from the Il-2: 1946 crew. Shockwave is currently working on a Flying Tigers game.

I remember a thread on IL2’s forums directly from Oleg asking the community how they wanted BOB:SOW’s campaign structured. I can’t wait to see how it turns out, but I’m deathly afraid of what kind of system you’ll need to run it. But on the bright side, any upgrade in a year’s time will probably get MSFSX working decently, finally …

Really? That’s fantastic news. I like the engine, but I don’t like the game. So I’d love to see what other people could do with it.

Yeah, I’d like the difficulty to be somewhere between Il2 and Crimson Skies. Accessible, but with some realism. My memory may be off, but I though Pacific Air War was a pretty good balance.

In IL2 you can toggle off all the realism options you want, to the point where you start the mission in the air or have flight dynamics so simplified takeoffs and landing are a breeze, will never stall, can blow up enemies with 2/3rds less hits, etc. The biggest problems to the noob, IMO, are the sterile interface and lack of an immersive “story” mode (which can be somewhat rectified by some of the more elaborate user campaigns). Of course, as the OP states, I’ll take a real dynamic campaign over linear missions any day, even if I have to sacrifice the colorful life 'n times of Joe Ace in Heroes of the Pacific.

Does anyone have a list of the new aircraft that are introduced in this release? I’ve seen the screenshots featuring the Ta 183 and a whole mess of early Soviet jets I know little about, but I’m curious as which exotic designs are fielded on the German side.

Any chance of flying my favorite coal-powered ramjet interceptor?