I'm an idiot

Well, I recently installed an OS onto a new HD and I wanted to transfer over my files. I kept on getting “To install a newer version of a font, first delete the older one” error or something like that. Anyways, I got the brilliant idea to delete all the fonts in my new installation and then transfer over all the fonts. I figured they’re both XP, so it should have all the needed fonts.

Well, that wasn’t the case. A few of my fonts are really out of shape - when I save as for web (in PS) some fonts are about 20 sizes too large, and some fonts are way too small (just noticed this on the Java installation).

Right now I’ve reverted all the deleted fonts except 3, which give me an error. Still no luck. Does anyone have any helpful insights on this?

Start over. Chalk the down time up to experience, school of hard knocks, etc.

Well, I found out it was MS Serif that was causing the problems (I think), so I just deleted it. Well, that seemed to fix it. Its putting in different fonts (like Arial in some places, Courier in other places) to replace it. Its really weird, and I don’t like the setup, but its working a bit better.