I'm better than this

As long as you bring that fucker down, it doesn’t matter how you do it.

I would pay exorbitant amounts of money for a PS3 remake of this game.

Heh well I knew it would be short I just didn’t know I would miss it so much. :(

Yes. Oh, yes.

“Whatever Team ICO does next” constitutes roughly half of why I bought a PS3.

Okay, the swimming one was tough, but not too tough. TreeBeard guy was easy.

The wallcrawling one (#8) was hell on earth for me.

I DID learn to use my bow correctly because of this guy, so I assume that will pay off later.

This was the first one I actually WANTED to kill, he was badass enough to actually kill my lame ass several times. He seemed to WANT to fight, the others were sort of okay if you left them alone, this guy was attacking with ranged weapons, clouds of lightning, actively looking for me when I hid…

I feel bad about killing 1 through 7, but I’m making a rug out of this one’s hide, and mounting his skull over my fireplace.

I think I have this one beat, I still have my copy of Ico unopened, every once and a while I’ll look at the case and say “fuck I still need to play Ico” and then proceed to not play it.

This is part of the brilliance of the game’s progression, and one of the key reasons I don’t think it translates into any other medium as effectively. Starting out feeling sorry for the first colossi and then transitioning into actively despising the ones that start to give you trouble is the first major tonal shift in the game. Suffice to say your current attitude toward the colossi will have changed yet again by the final few.

I just bought a PS2 (yay! price drop) primarily so I could play Ico (yay! eBay) and am finding it to be an oddly personal experience. Often I will play something console-y while my bride is playing WoW in the den but I don’t want to play Ico around other people. I play it late at night when the house is quiet and the high wind whistles around that castle.

(Overshare: I’m also playing Persona 4 which is incredibly compelling.)

I’m sad this became a SotC thread instead of an “I’m terrible at games thread”, because some of those stories can be hilarious. But I totally understand why, it is a fantastic game.

Well, it’s still open for anyone else that wants to share their “I suck” stories, but I guess everyone else is too proud to share those. ;) I should probably rez the old SotC thread to continue my ramblings.

I can usually do new “twitch” variations. But, sure, every once in a while I do hit one that I’m just not relaxing into. That’s when I challenge the kids to try it.

Make a savepoint after one does and problem solved. Not sure what I’ll do when the youngest goes to college though …

But don’t let your twitch skills totally rot. Threatening to PK an annoying teenage ex-boyfriend of a kid in the game of his choice is rewarding! Esp. when you are the mom.

I promise not to post again in this thread until I beat #9. I think the PS7 will be out by then. That damn crabby thing won’t stay on the geyser for me, I’ve knocked it over once, but failed to jump onto it’s back in time.

How some of you guys beat this game so easily is beyond me. I think my game skills are worse than I thought.

I used to be good, damn it!!!

You have a very large fireplace.

And a lot of room for rugs, too, apparently.