I'm bored of TF2

Yawn, my team is losing until someone decides to play medic.

I have 5 hours as medic.

I have 3 hours as the next closest class. I don’t want to play medic any more.

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good to know, thx

More like you’re bored of the servers you’re on. :)

It sucks when there are no medics. And the value of medics increases with the density of the players. On the 32 player servers it gets ridiculous, attacking comes down a string of continuous ubers and the rest of players are almost irrelevant. With a fewer players you can swing it without one though.

Last night I installed my Orange Box and gave TF2 a whirl. I love the art design and feel of it all, but I just don’t get the appeal of these games. It all seems kind of pointless and needlessly messy in rythm and pacing, being splashed all over the place and trying to get you kicks in between. It’s especially wierd in that I LOVE offline skirmish scenarios in any game I play, and am likely to play as much random scenario map games as I am to replay a linear game with story. But when it comes to online shooters, if it’s not populated entirely with friends or coworkers (in which case it’s a total blast), I just don’t have the drive to play. I was hoping the really cool presentation would be enough to change that for me, but it doesn’t seem likely.

Thank you. This is my biggest problem with TF2. Without medics, your team will lose. No one wants to play a medic? Too bad.

Did Dave Long pay you to start this thread?


Why does your test image have an oppressed minority on it?

Someone doesn’t like a game? Oh noes, the internet is going down in flames!

So am I, but I don’t start threads proclaiming it every time it happens. Because it always does.

Are medics that important in TF2? In Enemy Territory, teams win all the time on public servers without even a single medic. That doesn’t mean a medic can’t turn the tide of battle though.

Medics are critical in TF2. A heavy weapon guy with a medic backing him up can cause some serious damage.

The importance of medics, even on a 16/20 player server, vs the enjoyability of playing the “hold the button down and stay behind a wall” class, is disproportionate.

Quaro is probably correct that on 32 player servers the importance of a medic approaches the absurd. I haven’t played on anything more than a 24-player server.

I think ubered pyros are better than an ubered heavy.

Uh, ok. Where did that come from?

The Pit of WTFness?

I did not Bago. If you say I did, I will shoot you where you stand.

Playing on 32 player servers IN GENERAL approaches the absurd. WHY do people do this? You can’t even get a server to run at 32 without doing a officially-condemed hack. 2fort is bad enough with 24… Maybe we might see some great, massively large maps, for 32 players in the future… but it’s just painful to try and fit 16 people in a 2fort base…

While 32 players really breaks some maps/modes, there’s nothing quite like taking out 3 turrets, 3 engineers, 2 other players and a few misc buildings all with one right click.

And while it makes medics more valuable, if the team adds more medics because they understand that, it’s still quite possible for the attackers to win. It also makes demomen more important on the defense since they are the only ones who can reliably stop an uber.

If I had to pick one mode I’d pick 16 or 24 max players, but it’s nice to play something different once in awhile. I’d be interested if there’s any officially-condemned way to play with low gravity or FF or to disable certain classes or whatever? I’m kinda ADD with game modes.