Im Führerbunker brennt noch Licht

Ahahahaha fricking hillarious for those who understand german and perhaps for those who dont too…

“Adolf, du alter Nazi-sav, kapitulier doch endlich”


There is a version with English subtitles. It really is not that funny, so I do not think “understanding it” is the issue. It may be some cultural thing, or perhaps there is something about it in German that does not come across while translated.

Speaking of jokes in German, what was the english translation of the “killer joke” in monty python?

My dog has no nose

  • How does it smell?

That was the German killer joke, which didn’t have as profound an effect (even though it was spoken by Hitler).

The killer joke itself, can’t be translated - it’s not really German - if that’s what you’re asking:

Wenn ist das Nunstuck Git und Schlotermeier?
-Ja, Beierhund das oder die Flipperwald gersput!

(Don’t read it aloud OR MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WILL DIE!!!)

A lot of the words in it are german, what do they mean?

From my german class, which I did very poorly in, I recognize some words.

The first line:“If is the _____ ______ and ______”
The second line: “Yes, ______ the or the _____ ____”


I think the name of my new punk band will be The Nunstucks.

OK, but you forced me to do this:

  • If is the camper smell and frumple?
  • brightdog that or the Flipper forest house!

Oh, all those deaths are weighing heavily on my conscience.