"I'm getting too old for this shit."

If I wasn’t such a huge fan of Super Smash Brothers Melee and Powerstone, I might have figured from Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble that action brawlers are a younger man’s game. But in this case, I think it’s simply a matter of the pacing actually running away from the game. I’m exhausting myself right now just thinking about playing. Read my Yahoo review of Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble unless you’ve got high blood pressure, in which case, might I recommend something calmer like X-Men Legends or Burnout?

I think you need to fix the link above (take out the quotes).

Holy cats, you guys are quick on the draw! Here at Quarter to Three, our hamsterwheel-powered backend technology requires that I go in and fix up stuff, but you guys click on it before I can even get in there to fix it.

Oh, and now Gallant deleted his comment so I look like I’m talkin’ to myself.

Anyway, yeah, the Viewtiful Joe fighting game. Anyone played it? I didn’t think so. You people probably don’t even still have your Gamecubes hooked up…


I do!

…it still has a RE4 disc in it…

I do!

…it still has a RE4 disc in it…[/quote]

Mine is hooked up as well with Fire Emblem in it… heck I still have a 3DO hooked up.

You realize, Tom, that you’re actually the only person on this messageboard.

Actually, I just hooked up the GC last week to finish my long-delayed Professional playthrough of RE4 with the TMP. I have no interest in Viewtiful Joe games, but I’ll read the review because it’s you, Tom. :)

I do!

…it still has a RE4 disc in it…[/quote]

Mine is hooked up as well with Fire Emblem in it… heck I still have a 3DO hooked up.[/quote]

You got your 3d0 hooked up to ? Sweet, star control 2 rules :) The last time I played my gc was when I had killer 7. I’m pretty great at Melee, but no around here wants to play me .

Wow, you guys with your 3DOs are impressive. I thought I was a holdout when I finally unplugged my Dreamcast and put it in the closet to make room for the Xbox360.


I was playing my GC fairly regularly until I got Civ IV. And I’m saving RE4 for my Christmas vacation.

My TV is terribly overloaded with game systems… I have a Genesis, Snes, 3DO, Dreamcast, Saturn, N64, PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube hooked up to it right now. I think it’s probably going to burst into flames pretty soon now.

I don’t disconnect game systems either. I don’t have a 3DO anymore, but if I ever did buy another one, I’d have it hooked up at all times. Why have game systems if you’re not going to play them from time to time? Heck, my kids play the Dreamcast and N64 all the time!


I keep my 3DO around for one and only one purpose:

Star Control 2

I keep my 3DO around for one game and one game only

Night Trap

I knew I wasn’t the only one who loved star control 2. Now heres one for you, who here still have guardian legends?

Twisted! was a great party game before there were party games. Loved the low budget video in that one.

I just wrote about 3DO for an upcoming article. Now I want one in the house again. :(

Wow… a mint Star Control 2 went for $102 on eBay recently. Looks like $35 or so is the normal price. Not bad.