I'm going to get my 5th PS2 tomorrow

I don’t know what this says more about Sony:

How good the PlayStation is (I’m actually getting it just for GT3), or how bad their QA is.

Question: any idea if EB or anyone does exchanges for units with the notoriously bad laser that reads DVDs?

There used to be a number of places you could go on the web with instructions on how to fix a mis-aligned PS2 laser…

Here’s one with video.

Yeah, I tried a guide already. Unfortunately it failed to warn me about the delicate silver cable connecting the reset/eject tray buttons, and when it popped open the cable loosened.

Oh, and in case anyone’s wondering - no, I’m not buying my 5th. That’d be orders of magnitude more stupid than I’ve ever been. I’ve only bought one and had three under-warranty replacements so far.

stay away from eb. i know for a fact they eat babies.
i heard they sell used stuff as new too.

I’ve only had one slimline PS2 that I bought in November 2004. Am I the only lucky customer?

I still have the same PS2 that I bought almost exactly four years ago. That’s the European model… noisy as hell but apparently quite sturdy!

Yeah, I still have my original PS2 that I got about 5 or 6 years ago.

Same here. Actually my PS2 turned 6 a few months ago /sniff /sniff good times good times.

I drew on that little plastic gear, turned it a bit, spat on the lense, and my PS2 hasn’t given me anymore lip.

Probably. As soon as I got my slim PS2, I had to send it back to Sony because it wouldn’t play blue-disc games. Piece of crap. And I had only ordered a slim in the first place because my original PS2 was starting to act out and use its bad laser for evil.

Same here. The only issue is playing CD based games (not DVD based). I learned that using the “tape trick” will fix that issue though thankfully.

I still have mine from my WalMart wacky midnight release sale I waited in line for all those years ago. It has been relegated to more of a DVD player for my kid, but I have had no problems to speak of. Jakub, you prolly put a bit more wear and tear on yours, I would imagine.

Before the swell of “me too” emails gathers into a flood threatening to sweep all underfoot, I think it would be easier if folks who had to have theirs replaced speak up. Personally, I can’t imagine many consumers have had this kind of experience. Sony made a pretty sturdy little machine. Of course, some are bound to have problems - that’s the nature of any piece of hardware, but for the most part, they run through their warranty and beyond no problem.

No, bullshit, Jake. That thing’s laser is notorious for crapping out, and performance on CD-format games being worse than DVD-games seems to be a pretty constant thing. If you’re only buying a system based on sturdiness, you’d have to go with Nintendo, and Sony would probably be worse than Microsoft.

Tape trick?

Tape trick.

I just know that I will be buying that one year warranty for the ps3 when it comes out. I don’t trust anyone’s first console model, except Nintendo’s. Maybe.

LOL. “sturdy little machine” sure. (note: I never had problems with mine, albeit the fact that I had to break it to get best buy to replace it under warranty so I could get a newer model that did progressive scan dvd playback)

not like anyone ever filed a class action lawsuit and sony settled to resolve it.


I don’t think my issues are so much wear and tear as thump and bump.

I’ve moved like 5 times in 4 years… which, oddly enough, only coincides with the first replacement. Hmm.

I wonder how many of Sony’s 100 million PS2’s shipped are replacements? 5%? 20%? It could be anywhere in that range and it wouldn’t surprise me.