I'm going to re-watch the first four Alien movies


I’m not a threadcop. I haven’t gotten a chance to watch it and do my post about it, so you can decide if you want to keep your powder dry for that, or let fly!


As a viewer, knowing that none of it matters makes watching Aliens less enjoyable. Or it would, if I acknowledged that Aliens 3 existed.

No, but I’d have no interest whatosever in watching that and, again, it would make Aliens less enjoyable if I accepted it as “canon.” Aliens becomes a movie about saving a future serial killer, all the satisfaction of those final scenes is gone.

I barely remember 4, and from what I can tell that’s just as well.


I’m with @Pod on this one, this argument has never made sense to me. In Alien 3, Ripley survives (for a while at least) to fight another day. Newt and Hicks do not. That’s life, man. We’re all going to end up in the ground eventually, it doesn’t invalidate any of our struggles or successes along the way. I don’t see how dying in Alien 3 takes anything away from Aliens at all. And since you don’t see it as canon anyway, everybody wins!


They’re killed off screen, without any significant comment or consequence. Fuck. That.

Good point, don’t even know why I’m talking about it. Gee I’m glad no one ever made any sequels to Aliens. I mean, imagine if Ridley Scott had decided to make a bunch of completely incoherent prequel-not-prequels. That would have been unfortunate.


Yeah I’m in the “fuck that” camp. The thing is, they didn’t have to kill them off. They could have written them off in a much less heavy handed way. The only way I can watch Alien 3 is if I just ignore the back story and think of it as a standalone movie. If I do that, I really enjoy it for what it is.


OK, so you just fast forward over the first five or ten minutes of Alien 3 and say to yourself that Newt and Hicks got to go live on a farm upstate. And those cadavers in the escape pod were, uh, stowaways. Look at that, everybody wins again! Man I am good.


Where do I get a copy of Aliens 3: The divedivedive Cut?


Well I gotta admit it’s slow going editing a movie like that, but just for you - a short trailer:



Wait, you got rid of the pointless character deaths AND added a dog? You’re going to make millions!


Aliens 3 already had a dog.


Dog? What dog? Next you’ll be telling me there’s a theatrical version.


Everyone who appreciates good pacing?

The turret scene is kinda neat, but everything else in the special edition is superfluous and actively hurts the movie in the movie.


That first shot of the face hugger, in particular, followed by the monotone scream. Felt really cheesy. I don’t take much issue with the rest of the additions in general, and the turrets were really good.


Well, the director disagrees, and so do I. The extra 15 minutes of footage adds quite a lot to the experience, in my opinion, and if I was to recommend the movie to someone, I’d recommend the special edition.


I love me some long extended edition movies. I still watch LotR extended fairly often.

2.5 hours of Avengers? Hell yes!

Lawrence of fucking Arabia? Boo-Yah!

Extended Edtion Aliens ( often said to be my favorite movie ever)? Um…no. Other than the turret scene all the added stuff is a slog. Granted, I haven’t seen it in decades because ‘slog’. But that’s what I recall.


Yeah, that was my recollection as well. The extended scenes weren’t worth it, and messed with the pace of an otherwise perfect movie.

It reminded me of all the deleted scenes in Terminator 2. They were all done well, but I was so glad they were all cut and didn’t make it into the final movie. The final movie was much better as a result.


I don’t think the director’s cut does Alien any favors, but Aliens? Fuck yes.


Having just watched some youtube videos about the changes in Alien, I’m on board with the theatrical. I know which scenes they were talking about, and I don’t like them, especially the early Alien ‘reveal’ when it grabs the guy. I remember disliking that when watching the special edition, and on that basis voted for the original!

But the Special Edition of Aliens is great :) I remember it was shown on TV* once and I had no idea, and it was before I knew of that cut, so I was mystified when I saw Newt’s family on the rover in the beginning, and blown away by the new APC and turret scenes!

* Actually, it turns out that what was shown on TV is often some hybrid between the theatrical and the qualdrilogy’s special version. Why do people dick about with movies so much?! Make it right the first time or don’t make it at all! )


Just the cocoon scene is enough to forever bar the extended edition from viewing. It’s horrendous; the special effects look like rubber and goo. There’s a good reason it wasn’t in the final cut.

Aliens is great. Nuff said.

Alien3 was just too grim for me, though I’ve never seen the Assembly Cut, and probably never will.

Alien:R is a joke that took the HR Geiger origins of the creature way too seriously.

I actually think that the fascination of the series with pregnancy is potentially interesting, but has never been handled in a way that is actually interesting. Ripley was, in actual fact, a mother, and Newt was clearly a proxy child. There’s an angle there that could have been explored. Instead, Jeunet (and later Ridley again) use the theme for ham-fisted and ridiculous body horror. (The baby gets sucked out of a hole. Bleeehhhhhh.) And then continue to do it in Prometheus with that C-section scene (the most ridiculous scene in a movie composed entirely of ridiculous scenes.) They succeeded in making the films parodies of themselves.


There was a time when I would consume anything Alien, including clones and parodies. That gif? I know the lyrics to the song by heart.