I'm going to re-watch the first four Alien movies


It’s definitely one that sticks in your head for decades :)


Everybody here keeps talking like there were some sequels or prequels to Alien/Aliens or something. Were they Vimeo fan-fic or something? I saw Hardware Wars in an art theatre a really long time ago, and it was a parody of Star Wars… were these Aliens 3s or Prometheuses parodies?

I’m confused.


Alien 3 reminds me of what happened with Back to the Future II. Marty and Doc drag Jennifer’s limp body to a trash bin at the beginning of the film because the writers had no clue what to do with her character. (at least they didn’t KILL her!)


Should have waited to start this marathon :P


There will always be a more detailed format.

And judging from past threads, there will always be more Alien quadrilogy rewatch threads.

Btw, at 4K, we’re finally getting almost to the detail on the film grain for the movies filmed using film, right? Or will that be at 8K?


Also, I don’t have a 4K tv, so it wouldn’t have done me any good!


I recently picked up a 4K TV so I am tempted - but I assume I also need a blu-Ray player capable of processing the 4K images too? And I imagine my older model won’t cut it. Maybe my Xbox One would though?


Xbox One S and Xbox One X both have 4K Blu Ray drives. My original Xbox One does not. You have an X though, so you’re good to go.


Aliens is among my favorite movies ever, and like some of you I’ve seen it countless times and have memorized pretty much all of it.

One of my favorite parts about it that few films get is all the little details about the marine squad. If the Nostromo and Sulaco are characters in their own right(and they are), the marine squad itself is a lovingly crafted character too. My favorite parts of the film all involve the acting and emotions of the squad and there’s scarcely a bit that’s out of place. It’s small wonder that the actors in the squad actually did a boot camp together:

Over the course of a few weeks, the actors who played the Colonial Marines were put through the paces by military advisors. They went through drills and maneuvers, assaulted stairwells around the studio, learned to salute, wear their uniforms properly, and handle their weapons appropriately.

“We had a physical fitness routine for them from 8:30 in the morning until 5 o’clock at night, and they were running, weight lifting and doing calisthenics,” Paul Weston, the stunt coordinator on “Aliens” said in a behind the scenes documentary.

The scene where the audience first meets the Colonial Marines was filmed at the end of the shooting, well after the actors had already spent months training and getting to know each other, in order to make their relationships feel more authentic, like they were born out of hardship in the same manner as an actual military unit.

Due to other film projects, Sigourney Weaver, William Hope (Lt. Gorman) and Paul Reiser (Burke, the conniving corporate lackey), had little contact with the actors who played the Marines until after filming and training had started. The effect was that, when the new boot-tenant and two civilians show up in the film, they’re regarded by the Marines with genuine skepticism.

Oh, and apparently the 3 hr HD documentary on the making of aliens is on youtube


Ok, I finally got around to watching Alien3. I wanted to find time to sit and watch it all in one go, but unfortunately I ended up watching it in two sittings; not the best watching experience.

Also, I did watch the 2003 edition (which the Quadrology box calls the “Special Edition”, but which some folks upthread said is the “Assembly Cut”, or maybe that’s different). Everyone says it’s better, but it is also a full 30 minutes longer, so…

Anyway, I haven’t seen this movie in many years; probably not since it first came out (or maybe when it first appeared on home video, I don’t think I saw it in the theater; but I don’t remember). I sort of have a memory of liking it, or at least not hating it.

And there is some decent stuff in here. Charles Dance (yes, Tywin Lannister) is in it, and he’s pretty great. And his death is well done, he’s had this interesting relationship building up with Ripley, and he’s just confessed his sordid past, when BAM, he’s just suddenly dead. And the movie’s only half over.

I kinda liked what they did with Bishop, in terms of the practical effects. Definitely a callback to Ash in the first movie.

But after that it gets hard to find stuff to say good things about. There’s supposed to be 25 prisoners in the facility, but except for a couple I have no idea who they are. The location is drab. The action sequences are more confusing than exciting. And, oh man, when you guys said the CGI Alien was bad, you weren’t kidding. That thing is embarrassing.

There almost could have been a plot about the apocalyptic religious sect that had developed in the colony choosing to worship the Alien as a god, but what we get is just one nutcase who decides to let it out after they’d captured it. Just to make the movie longer, I guess?

In the end, my biggest problem with this movie is that it simultaneously takes the franchise in a weird direction that it didn’t need to go, and also does nothing new with it.

In the first movie, the Nostromo encounters the alien – and this is, apparently, no accident, because Ash has been sent by “the company” to capture the alien and bring it back. In the second movie, it’s Burke who gets sent to retrieve the alien; and Ripley is along for the ride due to her previous experience. Her journey is almost pre-ordained.

But… why is this movie happening? They happen to crash-land on a planet which happens to have a penal colony of religious nuts? They just happen to land on the one inhabited planet with no weapons whatsoever? It just seems so random. It doesn’t fit in her journey. It’s just a thing that happens for no reason.

At the same time, it’s another story about trying to keep the alien out of the hands of the company’s bioweapons division. Why is Ripley so sure they won’t be able to contain it? Maybe she’s just been driven a little nuts. Maybe it really isn’t that big a deal. Actually, there’s another interesting direction the movie might have gone. But no, Ripley is just right, we know that. Despite not really knowing anything about the company or what its capabilities are. Anyway, this time it’s the human version of Bishop which wants to take the Alien back for the company, and they are (seemingly) thwarted once again.

The final action sequence is particularly bad. It’s ten minutes of identical bald dudes running through identical looking corridors and doors and saying “Corridor A clear!” “Corridor F clear!” over and over. At no point is it clear what is going on. Then, the alien, Dillon (Charles Dutton) and Ripley end up in the lead casting mold. Ripley tells Dillon to get out, and he says he won’t because the alien has to die before he’ll kill her. Then, he says there’s no time for him to get out, he has to stay down there to keep the alien from escaping. What? Why didn’t he just leave her down there? Now they both die for no reason!

Also, I could have sworn I remembered the alien popping out of her before she fell into the molten lead, but that didn’t happen. It turns out, that was removed in the Special Edition. Why? I dunno.

Anyway, that’s the end of the Alien franchise, right? Everyone’s dead. The company still didn’t get an alien. So I guess we’re done!

Wait, they got the Delicatessen guy to make an Alien movie? I gotta see that…


Go into it with correct expectactions of weird action comedy instead of horror movie.


And written by Joss Whedon. It should’ve been a lot better than what we got.


There’s also Brad Dourif as a mad/evil scientist.


I was just messin’ with ya, I’ve actually seen it. More than once!


It’s interesting to go back and re-watch Alien Resurrection if you’re a Firefly fan. The movie features a band of wisecracking mercenaries, traveling to interesting destinations in a small ship… concepts Whedon would later use to create Firefly.

Not that I actually recommend going back to watch Resurrection.


And my dire feelings about Alien 4 are probably influenced to some degree by how I feel about Joss Whedon’s writing, to wit: can’t fucking stand it. The whole mismatched mercenary gang should have been fun, and I actually dug the whole idea of Ripley as a clone, even though it makes no sense. But then we get bizarre baby albino alien that only wants to be loved but just gets sucked out into space.

Mainly though, it blows my mind that they made an Alien movie with Brad Dourif, Dan Hedaya, Ron Perlman, Leland Orser and Michael Wincott - and did absolutely nothing with them.


This entire paragraph 100%.

I actually really liked the 4th Aliens film when I saw it in theaters, but it’s been ages since I re-watched it so I can’t really defend it or anything. I’m going to be watching it again here at some point with my daughter since she enjoyed the first three, so when I do I’ll probably have some updated thoughts.




Wow that looks fantastic!