I'm in the 21st century now

I finally bought an iPod. Note the cool correct apple capitalization.

Can someone explain how this podcast thing works and where do I find some good ones.

I’m mostly interested in liberal/liberetarian politics, gaming and hoity toity stuff like NPR. My favorite NPR show was when they brought out the music professors to discuss rap.

ITunes and ipods are built for distributing podcasts. It’s the one thing Apple still does better than the competition.

Just go to the iTunes podcast tab in the library and click the Podcast Directory button at the bottom right.

As someone who’s late to the party I’m amazed by the iPod. User Friendly. All I had to do is plug it in, click ok and my music that I’ve got in Itunes already was uploaded to the iPod. It was super fast too, much faster than ripping the Cds was.

I’m pretty impressed with the selection of content in the itunes store too. I don’t know how the video quality is but I want to buy something just to find out.

Next Gen is my only podcast. But that’s because I have time management issues, and am having a hard time even keeping up with this one…even with its 3 weeks extended break.