I'm in the mood to pick up a PC baseball game

Does anyone here play baseball on their PC’s? What would you recommend? High Heat 2004 or Triple Play 2004? Has anyone played High Heat yet? I’m leaning towards it, but I want to hear from other people that the game is good.


I haven’t tried High Heat 2004 yet, but would note that previous editions of the game have gotten steadily better from season to season. So I’m hopeful.

Now High Heat has competititon. Not Triple Play. That line is gone. EA has replaced it with MVP Baseball 2003, for XBox, PS2 and PC. The console versions ship today, the PC version in April. It’s EA’s first full-bodied baseball sim in more than a decade. (Earl Weaver Baseeball II c. 1991 was the last.)


I’m still waiting for the High Heat 2004 reviews, so I haven’t played it yet. I’ve read a lot of complaints about the lack of mouse support in the menus. My guess is that it’s pretty much the same game we’ve seen the last few years, since 3DO doesn’t seem interested in improving it. It’s still the only game that comes close to playing like actual baseball, though. I wouldn’t touch a baseball game made by EA at this point. I’m curious to see what MVP Baseball is like, but knowing EA’s philosophy on baseball games, I’m not optimisitic.

I’ve reviewed every High Heat since '99 (when it debuted, was 2D, and didn’t feature the team or player licenses). It’s always bug-ridden and painfully behind the times in terms of graphics but, every year so far, there’s no better baseball play experience and definitely no better baseball stats and AI experience. I wish they’d get it perfect for once, or that it was possible for a deep pocketed studio to bank roll them.

I only play baseball management sims now. So if you are into the front-office side of the game, check out PureSim and Out of the Park 5. PureSim seems to be finally fulfilling its promises of flexibility and the OOTP series is still the best game in town - though the new one runs much slower than earlier incarnations.