I'm just so tired of all these Guild Wars: The GW2 "Can't Login" Thread

There appear to be other folks who are in the same boat I’m in, as evidenced in the Guild Wars 2 August 30 Status thread on reddit. So if you’re one of us, let’s commiserate!

I’ve been locked out of the game for a few days for completely mysterious reasons. My password never changed, my account probably wasn’t hacked, and I didn’t do anything ban-worthy.

Symptoms of the problem: Logging into the client yields, “Incorrect password. Please check it and try again. | Build 15377 | Error Code: 11:0:2:1708”. Logging into the web site simply fails without explanation. And of course, the password reset feature has been taken down for maintenance.

I used the customer support team webform and got an autoresponse a little while later, but nothing else has happened. I’ve sent a follow-up email but haven’t heard back.

Hopefully this will clear up quickly, but I’m not feeling very optimistic. Some people have been locked out since Sunday. One person reported that he received an email “telling me how to reset my password using the non-functional password reset function and then to test my password on the non-functional forum”.

Oh well, good excuse as any to get out and enjoy the great weather this holiday weekend.

Oh and also, thinking it might be because I’d preordered the game and needed to register it (which I hadn’t done yet), that page also requires my non-working password. (Official “How to Register” tutorial).

Lucky for me I haven’t yet had the titular line of this thread.

Edit: Bah, didn’t click the link in the op, so my attempt at being clever was more an excercise in the obvious.

If you have a guild wars 1 login, try that.

I’m pretty sure I attached GW2 to the same account.

I logged in just fine every time. I do get stuck in the waiting area a lot for the early level 1-15 map on Emhry Bay (server) - what does that mean? Everythin still seems the same, only if I mine a bunch of copper and get tossed into the real map, I get to re-mine most of the same nodes? So far I’m really liking being stuck in that holding zone! :)

Seems like the overflow is just a cloned zone, so, yeah, there’s no real difference that I can see.

Yes, you’ll be in overflow nearly permanently. It’s a shared, well, overflow. There’s no difference except you aren’t with your server specifically. But if you don’t know those people, who cares?

Someone has created a reddit thread devoted specifically to the issue of ArenaNet’s poor support. “ANet developers are AWESOME, ANet support team not so much…” Hope it receives positive attention.

The whole no forum thing is mind-bogglingly awful. Hell, they even had the fucking wiki down till today as far as I can tell. What an utterly bizarre launch.

“Want support? Tweet at us. You know, the singularly least-efficient support method ever! Get lost in the thousands of @s we’re receiving every hour (where twitter will stop showing older material when it decides to), try to compress your issue into 130 characters after stuffing our twitter handle into the tweet, then receive a similarly abbreviated and uninformative reply. . . maybe!”

If you are tired of these threads, then why did you create one? :)

I received a “Your Guild Wars account had its email changed, we hope it was you!” email message from ArenaNet today, despite not ever purchasing Guild Wars 1 or 2. I’m not quite sure how that happened.

Phishing? Are you sure it’s from a legitimate source?

You’re right, it could be that. Though it didn’t look anything like the plenty of WoW phishing emails I have received over the years, I wasn’t sure. I didn’t click any of the links of course. I don’t own the games, so I guess I will just leave it alone.

Man, why is there no “like” button for this thread title?

Okay, I think it’s about time to form a betting pool on how long it will be before I’m able to play Guild Wars 2 again and access my account. I’m not going to disclose my own bet but I’ll give you a hint: it won’t be this weekend.

Wednesday, September 5th 2012, but only between the hours of 6:45am-8:12am UTD.

Prediction logged FWIW, Mr. Zaine. Meanwhile, a more positive annecdote.

That other thread I linked this afternoon looks like it is doomed to oblivion.

So maybe I’ll hold off on purchasing this for a while.

Well, today it’s my turn. I think my credentials are fine because I get to the “you have auth turned on, wait for the email” screen but … no email. At all.

And I just tested the address (custom alias specifically for this), works fine. It’s like in order to avoid one problem with overloaded systems, they added another - which is now overloaded too. Result being, can’t play. Booo.

Fortunately there’s no shortage of things to play. Guess it’s time for more Sleeping Dogs.