I'm Never Going To Die

There was an episode of the original Twiligh Zone where Ed Wynn played an old man who believed he would stay alive as long as he kept his grandfather clock wound and running, If it stopped, he died.

I’ve come to the conclusion that as long as there are games in my backlog waiting to be played, I’m sticking around. So keep those Steam sales coming.

A flawless plan, as long as you never lose control of that key e-mail…

This is why we need trans-humanism. It’s the only practical way we will ever clear our indie-game backlogs.

Guess we call al thank Itch.io for extending out lives 12-15 years.

song from 1876:

What are your picks so far from the bundle? All I’ve tried so far while finishing up Skyrim SE is One Night Stand.

All I’ve grabbed so far is Rebel Inc:Escalation

Any good?

Yes, and very challenging. It’s still Early Access, but pretty much feature complete. I think the developer is just working on balancing and perhaps a couple of new maps.

While I was playing that video, my girlfriend asked, “Why are you playing that? What is it?”

I told her I was playing it simply because John Many Jars posted it.

“Who is John Many Jars?”

“He’s the guy that introduced me to the amazing Laurice, so I’ll always check out what he posts.”

“Laurice? Who is Laurice?”

[sigh] [Goes to YouTube and finds:]

Self-satisfied, I folded my hands and rolled my chair back while it played and awaited her reaction:

“…I don’t get it.”

“Yep. And that’s why I never borrow your records.”

Chicks, man