I'm not a monster - LFG - need players

I received a cool little hidden gem of a game in last month’s Humble Bundle: I’m not a monster.

It is sort of an X-Com (move/action) team game, with hidden betrayer mechanics.

There are four different play modes. In the primary one, for example, there are a number of civilians on a space base that are to be rescued by our heroic squad. However, two of the squad, randomly chosen, are actually monsters disguised as humans.

While the humans are running around, escorting the civilians to the pick up point, the monsters are infecting those same civilians or simply killing them. The heroes win by rescuing 7 civilians, the monsters simply need to kill 7.

Maps are designed to have poor sight lines. Since you never want to get caught alone with a monster, it makes sense to bring a buddy with you. Just hope that your buddy doesn’t decide to eat you.

Rounds are fairly short. The game is a blast.

The catch is that the player base is abysmally small - there are literally 2-5 players on in the entire world at times. A full game is 6 players, and anything less than 4 is less the ideal due to subpar AI.

The whole thing is wrapped up in a ridiculous kitschy, golden age of sci-fi theme that is probably worth the cost of admission in itself.

What is that cost, you might ask? Well, thanks to the Humble Bundle drop depressing the market, keys can be found as low as $1.50.

I hope I’ve convinced a few of you to give a try – ping me in steam (Yyrkroon) if you do, I love this game, but it needs more players.

Video intro here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3wPxhZX_JI

That looks pretty cool! I don’t have time with it being spring (super busy outside) but when heat and humidity kick I might get into this.

It does look like fun. A shame that I’m an antisocial bastard. :)

What could be more antisocial than pretending to be a social human, and then eating them?