I'm off, for what its worth :)

Hi all, I know some of you lot so I thought I’d let you know that I am leaving the position of CLM for Dragon Empires to return to New Zealand with my fiancee to get married and make babies :D

You can read about this at www.dragonempires.com

Thanks to all you nice folks out there I’ve met at E3, have mailed and have interviewed me!


Leaving the hustle and bustle of Warwickshire for the peace and solitude of New Zealand? You must be mad! Actually, there’s probably more happening on a sheep farm on South Island than Warwickshire. Are you having a going away party?

7pm Blue Mumbai or whatever it’s called behind woolies in Leam. The new pub :D


Fool. :cry:

j/k Good luck!

Tee hee, thanks!


What 7pm tonight?

Friday night :)


Good luck, you’ll need it. (I’m envious)

Good luck and have fun. I see NZ as some fantasyland where everything is really cool. I hope to visit and see for myself one day. :)

I might drop in and see if I can spot you ;).

Move to Wellington and come visit us here. Hell, Sidhe are hiring as well.


Wellington is where I’d like to live, there or auckland :)


So when exactly are we meeting “there”? :wink:

Good luck Peter!

NZ has alway had an appeal to me. I always wondered what it would be like to drop everything and go live there. They had a cheap labor IT center there when I was at EDS. Sort of like India but without the rampant poverty and diaheria. If you were willing to work for less is there IT work to be had there?

Gee, thanks for the flattering comparison :) There’s plenty of IT around, especially in the big centres (as you’d expect), and we’ve even got a fledgling game industry if you’re keen.

As mentioned above Sidhe Interactive are based in Wellington and are doing very well for themselves.

Wellington is a great city - weather so so (‘intermittently challenging’ one visitor called it) but everything else wicked. Really nice place to live. Houses are expensive (think $NZ320k for an average one in a decent area) but rent’s still not bad. Culture/bars/restaurants/vibe/people absolutely topnotch. Good luck!

You don’t know what expensive is! The cheapest tiniest two bedroom terraced shack in the worst part of town, in the shadow of the concrete tower blocks, costs more than NZ$320 in Leamington, and I’m in a small country town over a hundred miles away from London, where that price would be a bargain!

I’ve been seriously considering moving out to NZ, got several friends out there and another one going out next year who wants me to work with him.


I reckon it would be a perfect spot for some game development.

  1. US$ exchange rate is good: Great for payments!
  2. No one else is doing it so recruits would be CHEAP ;)
  3. Close to the US (as close as the UK is really)
  4. English language
  5. Great internet backbone
  6. Great lifestyle.

Hassle me if anyone else is keen ;)


And then we’ve got some bloke call Peter something here as well, I heard he’s making some sort of documentary about monkeys? :p

Good luck with the move Peter, and if you’re in Wellington give us a shout.