I'm opening a gaming store!


Uh, maybe I have the math wrong, but according to the figures I just worked on the back of this cocktail napkin, you’re giving people free games in exchange for them using your private gaming room!



Nah, they pay $5/hour. I guess the gaming room is “free”


Looking great, Vesper! All the best!


You have so, so much more space than our local Goat.


Good luck Vesper. Cheering you on over here :)


I think it’s more of an indirect way of saying “Buy your games here so you can use our cool room to play”.

Gotta say @Vesper that it looks absolutely terrific!


It sounds great to me: giving an awesome space for gamers to play in (which will bring them in) in exchange for spending money in his store. And gamers who just had fun playing boardgames might find it hard to resist buying another expansion or a new game they had their eye on. The more people are enticed to come and spend time in the store, the more they spend.


That’s actually really clever.


Fun fact: I have the 2nd biggest goat and the gap between me and 3 is not small. Largest is in Schaumburg IL. I may have been a little over ambitious on the store. :)

Also I cleared this with the CEO: if any of you guys want games let me know and I can ship them. I can’t eat the shipping costs, but the base price is awesome! I can literally order anything you can imagine even if I don’t normally stock it. PM me if you are looking for anything!


More random photos of the 48 hours before opening. We had some supply chain issues that made it difficult including the CEO going through some heroic feats to make sure we had stuff for opening. I’ll go into the whole tale a bit later.


I like the construction guys going We’re building a what?


Where’d you get all the CCG singles from? Did HQ send you something to get started or did you have to buy collections/open packs yourself?


I bought them from one of the other stores that does a lot of TCG business.


Well, this is exciting!


Bookmarked. Everything looks amazing!


Congratulations! I really hope this works out for you.

On a side note, there’s a gaming and comic book store in Copenhagen called Faraos Cigarer (named after a Tintin comic), which must have been around for 15 or 20 years. I’ve shopped there occasionally in the past, and they’ve always had a bunch of events: comic book signings, larp events, p&p nights, figure painting instructions, regular tabletop evenings, you name it.

It used to be just one store, but then, maybe 10 years ago, they opened another, very close by, so that one specialized in comics and one in games. Then they opened another, right in between the two other stores, which seems to specialize in US and Japanese comics, as well as comic related paraphernalia.

I visited just last week and noticed that they’ve opened yet another store, which specializes in European comics. The game store still seems to get the most business, though, and it had a long line of people queuing outside for some event.

Anyway, it seems to me that if any kind of brick and mortar store can compete with online retailers, it’s this kind of store, as long as it keeps engaging its customers and manages to build a community around itself. If you can do that, I think you’re going to be alright. :)

edit: The pictures are great. Please post more, especially once the store opens.


Store looks amazing, but I’d like to discourage you from the flickering lightbulbs. Sounds cool in theory, but some of us find flickering lights rather uncomfortable. Not in the area, unfortunately, but I can’t be the only one like that.


They actually don’t “flicker”. It’s a bunch of colored LEDs that rotate around in a pattern to simulate candle/lamp-light. Thanks for the insight though.


Yeah, the way most of the local games stores operate for things like X-wing is one of two main ways

A buy in that is either used for prize money (as store credit), and the buy in can be as store purchases. So if you, for example, bought a game, that covers your league fee. Portland Game Store has a $10 fee, which is waived if you spend $40 in store. At the end of the league season then league fees are divided out as prize money. I won last month, so got $42 in store credit. Other winners got lower amounts.

Or direct buy, but you get store credit 1:1. So $5 league fee, but you get that much store credit added.

It works for me, and definitely encourages buy local. It definitely seems to work out for their benefit.

While the per player amount seems high, it’s a great idea. It definitely wouldn’t work for a weekly D&D group, that’ll get pricey in a hurry!

But it’s a great model, and good looking too. Hope things continue going well for you @Vesper


So true, but for someone who decided to do a “buy the books” moment, he just earned his party a cool room to game in that weekend.