I'm opening a gaming store!

I like the new name and logo!

Congrats on the name change!

The Night Owl name dovetails quite well with this site, too.

They are mostly a Midwest/ Illinois and Wisconsin thing.

I gotta admit I was surprised by that. I didn’t know that owner directly, but did know, and was on a first name basis with a few individual store owners in the south Chicago area before I moved west. I never got the impression about the founder that anything like this was lurking.

Then again this was all a few years ago, and most of the stuff on the BGG thread seems pretty recent.

Oh, hell yes. And, bravo to you sir. Vesper that is. And yes, to you also, Tom. :)

I see the two local Gaming Goat stores here in our area have changed names as well.

Sorry you had to deal with that. As someone in the midst of reading a franchise disclosure doc that’s 230 pages long, I’m guessing that getting out from under them wasn’t trivial.

Congratulations on your new name! I hope business goes well.

Love the new brand. Congrats!

Good luck @Vesper on the new branding and I hope you have lots of success! Maybe we’ll be in the market for a new game soon as we have a new board game table (still not assembled though). And we are still in the middle of Pandemic Season 0. Ok, it may be a little while but I will keep you in mind!

Having a lawyer for a wife helps!

Hah! Nice.

Congrats on the rebranding and escape from the TGG controversy @Vesper ! Wishing you continued success under the new, much cooler, name and logo.

I saw the change and notice on Facebook. Following the new page and best of luck!

If you need an art commission for a cute owl design, let me know and I can get you in touch with someone. Have a friend who draws a lot of cute owls.

Dallas GG just dropped out today - they only opened in June! That makes 5 stores out in the last 2 weeks.

Congrats @Vesper wishing you all the wins

@Vesper I checked out the store page but when I entered my address (I’m in Vermont) it said delivery was unavailable to that location. Is your store just regional or can I order stuff from you?

Also let me know if you ever want any mascot art. Here’s a little mascot I did for my local school.

We only do local delivery with Postmates. I’m happy to ship to you though - just PM me what you are looking for!

Shipping up here to Canada would be prohibitively expensive, but I’ll have to make a point of dropping in next time I’m in Denver (aka, my favorite US city)!

The goat is slain:

Real sign will take about 3 weeks.