I'm opening a gaming store!

I see the two local Gaming Goat stores here in our area have changed names as well.

Sorry you had to deal with that. As someone in the midst of reading a franchise disclosure doc that’s 230 pages long, I’m guessing that getting out from under them wasn’t trivial.

Congratulations on your new name! I hope business goes well.

Love the new brand. Congrats!

Good luck @Vesper on the new branding and I hope you have lots of success! Maybe we’ll be in the market for a new game soon as we have a new board game table (still not assembled though). And we are still in the middle of Pandemic Season 0. Ok, it may be a little while but I will keep you in mind!

Having a lawyer for a wife helps!

Hah! Nice.

Congrats on the rebranding and escape from the TGG controversy @Vesper ! Wishing you continued success under the new, much cooler, name and logo.

I saw the change and notice on Facebook. Following the new page and best of luck!

If you need an art commission for a cute owl design, let me know and I can get you in touch with someone. Have a friend who draws a lot of cute owls.

Dallas GG just dropped out today - they only opened in June! That makes 5 stores out in the last 2 weeks.

Congrats @Vesper wishing you all the wins

@Vesper I checked out the store page but when I entered my address (I’m in Vermont) it said delivery was unavailable to that location. Is your store just regional or can I order stuff from you?

Also let me know if you ever want any mascot art. Here’s a little mascot I did for my local school.

We only do local delivery with Postmates. I’m happy to ship to you though - just PM me what you are looking for!

Shipping up here to Canada would be prohibitively expensive, but I’ll have to make a point of dropping in next time I’m in Denver (aka, my favorite US city)!

The goat is slain:

Real sign will take about 3 weeks.

That’s a nice looking shop!

Just looking at that picture, I can feel the gravitational pull. I wouldn’t not be able to walk by the storefront without getting sucked into the front door.


Nice! Glad to see some late hours to fit the name, too.

If I ever visit the states…

which one are you in again?