I'm selling dozens of board games! Want some?

Last weekend I went through my collection of nearly 300 games, selected the ones I knew I would be playing in the coming years, and put the rest (about 160) on sale.

Here is the list of games I’m selling. I feel like I should apologize because I gave my local friends the first whack at the list and they’ve bought WAY more than I expected–nearly half of what I put up for sale! So a lot of the games that are left over are pretty obscure, but there are still many very good games in there. Most are Euro-style games from the last ten years, but there are older American games (especially Cheapass and Steve Jackson), plenty of out-of-print games, some German imports, and a wargame or two.

Feel free to use this thread to talk about the games, ask me questions about what edition something is, what condition it’s in, or just ask me if it’s any good. I’ll be honest! If you tell me what kind of games you like, I can perhaps point you toward something similar.

The items with tags on the corners and notes are ones I generally recommend. If the condition field is blank, that means it’s near-new (probably played fewer than three times). So far all the games I’ve sold have had ALL the pieces.

The prices are roughly 45% of the original retail in most cases. There were some games where I had to guess at the original price.

If you find something you like, PM me and I’ll take it off the list as soon as I can and set it aside for you. First come, first served!

You will have to pay the shipping, and I wish I could say it’s cheap. For multiple large-ish games it seems to fall in the 20-30 range. (If anyone has tips on cheap shipping, I’d love to hear them!) You can pay me with PayPal. Oh, and I’m only planning on shipping to domestic US addresses! If you ask really nicely, I’ll look into international shipping, but no promises (and of course, be ready to pay for it!).

Questions can go in the thread or in PMs.

I hope you find something you’re looking for!