I'm sick of warcraft III

Ok when is the next great RTS game going to come out. Warcraft III is beaten by other games in the gameplay department but it can’t be touched in the multiplayer department.

The next great RTS will not have me sitting my ass around a gamespy lobby waiting for someone to make a “no rush” game or other game with some other retarded rule.

The next great RTS will be patched frequently for bugs and will include new content like new maps and stuff from time to time.

The next great RTS will have some kind of rating system with the quick match feature. This isn’t because I’m the god of ladder or rated play but because I get matched with people of a skill level close to mine.

The next great RTS will have lots of players online so I don’t have to depend on playing with friends at a certian time to get a game.

Do I have to wait for the next blizzard game for someone else to get multiplayer right? Do developers really think I’m going to pay 50 bucks for their half assed single player campaign when I can download hundreds of single player maps and campaigns for the rts games I already have? Are any of the RTS games coming out this year going to get this right or do I have to go back to my playstation and have a few more seasons of nfl football.

Um… http://www.quartertothree.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=13445

I never really liked WC3 and its cartoonish graphics. I wonder if the guys at Ensemble will release a RTS for the next E3.

Well rome total way will probably use that crappy gamespy matching service like their last games did, kohan too I bet. That leaves warhammer and if relic is patching and adding content like they did for Impossible Creatures and Homeworld then this game is sunk.

Warhammer sounds like the most promising of the three but I’m not holding my breath until a couple reviews come out and I see in some forums how many people are online with it.

Sounds to me like you’ve never played Age of Mythology and that you should do so before asking for something that game already delivered in spades around the same time Warcraft III came out.

I swear people have tunnel vision around here sometimes.

The problem with AoM’s multiplayer was… that it sucked. Don’t get me wrong, the game itself was great, but you would sit there waiting three freakin’ hours for everyone else to load, then the game would begin lagging horribly right from the get-go. Since I know that Ensemble’s network coding guys are good (at least I know one of them is), it occurred to me that everyone playong on ESO simply had a shitty computer. This was pretty much confirmed when I found that I could play 1:1 with a friend (whose PC I knew to be high-spec) without any problems whatsoever.

Trying to find a game with random ESO guys? Ouch.

If you haven’t tried AOM since before the Titans expansion, you should. We made a lot of behind the scenes improvement to the networking infrastructure (during a game, and while in ESO). Also our population numbers have risen a lot since the first few months of AOM’s release.

Obviously, I’m biased, but just FYI. :)

Not to say that your experience will be perfect or you won’t run into people who have crappy machines – of course that can always happen.

McBain? Are you kidding? I’ve played probably 500 random player games on ESO since AOM debutted and never had a laggy one yet.

Yeah, the AoM multiplayer and multiplayer has come a long way since the game came out, or “debutted”, as Bub puts it. Which makes it sound like it had its ass removed. :)


Yeah, I’m with these other guys. AoM is great and I never had a problem with ESO other than some connection issues with Xemu here that I think could be traced to our common ISP, Comcast.


4 vs. 4 games is still the oddball on ESO. Everything up to 3v3 works fine, but 4 vs. 4 simply won´t work right, somewhere you have lag esp. when godpowers like Earthquake kick in and we´re talking about people with better then average computers with cable and DSL connections here.

Then I know a issue with some people I know that can´t get into the same game. One will connect and as soon as he is in that very game, the other one can´t get in.

Wow, when I get back on my feet, I’m going to have to get Titans and give it a spin. I got AoM when it very first came out and tooled around with it then. It was unplayable. Apparently, we’ve had another ToEE moment!


“Unplayable”? How?


See my previous post. The game would become extremely choppy for me right from the get-go, unless I played 1:1 with a friend who had a high-end PC (like I did at the time).

It was pretty obnoxious.

Yuri… you could always try the demo for DoW