I'm stuck painfully between WoW and EQ2

I started playing WoW when it first came out last year. Played for about 3 months and quit, having built up a level 50 priest. Quit mainly because of the lag, and for some other issues I’ve discussed in the past.

I went to EQ2. Enjoyed it, did not find the grind as bad as people said it would be, but admittedly only got two characters to level 28.

I began playing EQ2 with my wife. Had a fair bit of fun, but at the beginning of the month, made the suggestion (which I am now regretting) that we pick up an extra copy of WoW (for $20.00) so that we could try that. It was pretty cost neutral - for $20.00 (which came with the free month) we were only paying $5.00 more than the monthly fees for two EQ2 accounts.

Well, we are now trying to figure out which one to play “for good,” and are painfully stuck between the two. There’s not a difference of opinion - there’s a lack of ability to decide.

I really like the fact that EQ2 feels bigger. WoW feels more “gamey” than EQ2. There’s a lot less exploring and discovery (this is in my view - I’m not trying to start a flame war here). I miss putting together the knowledge books on different creatures and races, where you are getting drops for undead brains, etc. and completing your collection. I miss the more in-depth crafting, where I actually end up using the stuff I craft. I miss having a more mature player-base, rather than the collection of 12 year olds who inhabit WoW (all of whom at this point also appear to be level 60). I miss having a huge body of quests to work on, even if I don’t miss them being worth next to nothing when completed (EQ2 really needs to work on giving more XP and items as quest results).

At the same time, I like having the absolutely huge player-base of WoW. While WoW is filled with far more juvenile delinquents, there are undeniably just more people to play with. I like the fact that, for some reason I can not complete put my finger on, the game is simply easier to play. Whether it is the UI, graphics, or something else, the game is undeniably easier for my wife in particular to pick up. Part of it is the side-benefit of my complaint over WoW. There does just seem to be less there to the game, but that also makes it a bit simpler to manage. I like the auction house, and that the game feels more populated and alive.

As for cost. I like the fact that EQ2 has run circles around WoW in terms of adding improvements as part of your basic monthly fee. Unfortunately, a lot of those improvements were also things that should have been in there in the first place, or are rip-offs from WoW. I like the fact that EQ2 develops content faster (in my opinion, again) than WoW, but I dislike the fact that it usually comes in biannual $20-30 expansion packs, and $5-10 smaller packs. This means that my gaming experience for two players goes from $15x2x12=$360 per year to about $360+$60+20=$440 per year. When you add it up that way, you realize that in either case you are paying one hell of a lot of dough to play a couple of games.

I don’t know what the point of this really is, I just wanted to ramble a bit. Maybe I should just shut them both down, and go back to realizing why I told myself not to get into a MMORPG in the first place.

The two of you could always play one game for three months, and then switch to the other. My wife and I pay for two MMO accounts per month, but we rotate through lots of games. Currently, my wife plays WoW exclusively, and my account rotates through City of Heroes, Dark Age of Camelot, and EQ2 every four months.

If you two get heavily into end-game raid content, this system wouldn’t work well, since you’ll never have extended guild membership. But it works fine if you two like soloing or duoing; your characters are always there when you come back, and any expansion that’s come out since the last time you played can usually be picked up for about $15.

Yes, you could subscibe to one, then cancle it, and subscribe to the other. Currently I am subscirbed to CoV and WoW, although I have not played wow in nearly 2 months. However, now I am ready to go back to it as CoV is quite shallow and the PvP is a complete joke.

I played EQ2 for about 3 months. I have two characters nearly level 20 each. I found the crafting to be ‘theoretically’ more intresting then WoW with all the various ingrediants and quality levels, but in the end, it was just a huge major grind that was not fine. Are you ever going to sell lower quailty items or want to use them if you have to? No. So all the ‘middle’ quality stuff is useless trash.

The combat was also very unintresting in EQ2. I played a brawler and a conjuror. You would think it would feel differant, but it really didn’t. The mob AI seemed identical for every kind of mob, and I got very sick of mobs leaving the world to attack you (walking through walls or fighting beyond the walls of a tunnel). It just felt the same.

The world, however, in EQ2 seemed a lot more real, espeically Qeynos. While it is not nearly as beautiful as Darnasus, it felt far more real then any WoW city, which seemed like the disney ‘fake’ city in comparison. However, the outside world while much bigger and open in EQ2 didn’t feel very intresting. It was like “That hill where goblins stand” or “That tree where beatles spawn”. WoW’s world is much more compact, but much more intresting. Ideally Id like both giant open worlds with really neat places to discover, but in my limited time in Qeynos hills, I didn’t find a single area like that.

Ill grant you EQ2 have far more quests, however, the quests are very unintresting for the most part. I think like 85% of the ones I did were “Bring this package to X” or “Jo-bob has my spear ready, go get it and bring it back to me.” I think you can get to level 20 by just running around Qeynos and doing fed-ex quests. Sure wow has quests like that, but they do not feel the same. Mostly they are meant to get you to go somewhere else. IE: Take this package to Loch Modain from Stormwind. It is basically saying “There is this whole other area to explore incase you didn’t know about it.”

End Game: I have no idea what EQ2 gives you. WoW gives raids and battle grounds. Personally I can’t take raids. They bore me to death. Ill never get the uber purple loot in WoW. However, Battle grounds I like.

So my bias would obviously be WoW, however, if you choose this option, choose carefully.

If you have an intrest in PvP and like the sense of danger everywhere, choose a PvP server. If you get to level 60 you might find yourself very tired of all the PvE contnet. PvP servers give you a lot more choices then PvE servers. You do not have to go to a BG to PvP, you can just go to winterspirng or the plague lands or anywhere else. Its also fun to guard lowbies in STV and Arathi. Population balance on PvP servers more commonly favor horde, but this is not always the case. I play on skullcrusher and the horde slightly outnumber the alliance. Getting into a BG instance is very easy. Also on a PvP server you can have characters of only one faction (Alliance or Horde). On PvE servers you can mix and match.

If you pick a PvE server, try and figure out the population balance between horde and alliance. Large imbalances can lead to extreemly long battle ground ques if you pick the wrong faction. On Argent dawn, for example, alliance favor nearly 3 to 1. It is not uncommon to wait a good 3 or 4 hours to get into a battleground for alliance. Horde, on the otherhand, practically instantly get in.

I think one of the most interesting differences between EQ2 and WoW is that the EQ2 developers seem like they’re working hard to add new content and fix bugs, and they’re actually being very honest and open about the whole process. They seem to admit when things aren’t working well and they actually appear to care about customer concerns. Unfortunately, EQ2 has a lot of catching up to do before it’s as fun as WoW.

The WoW devs also seem to be working hard to add new content and fix bugs but they seem a lot less open and honest about it. They never seem to admit when things aren’t really working and if you call them on it they basically ignore you and blow sunshine up your butt and pretend everything is great.

There is absolutely ZERO admission that anything might be screwed up about the game from a design perspective, and even when there is a significant and obvious bug (like the BG bug from last week) they keep smiling and act like it’s no big deal and it will be fixed soon.

If WoW and EQ2 were like women, WoW would be the hot chick that constantly messes with your head and probably lies to you but, nevertheless, is quite a bit more fun and exciting, while EQ2 is like the nice girl that you get married to.

When it comes to MMOs though, I’m really not the marrying type so I’m sticking with WoW.

Cancel them both and take; salsa, karate, and pottery lessons.

That’s the worst idea I’ve ever heard.


Not sure where the pottery fits in but here you go.

How 'bout fencing, scuba, basket weaving.

I do not want to do that. I don’t want to be on my death bed thinking, “Why in the hell did I waste so much time and money on pointless and useless physical activities, when I could have been playing games and interacting with my family doing fun and memorable things.”

Slyfrog and Spoofychop,

I think you have summed up the differences in the game quite nicely, and like you I have often been torn between the two games. I have always gone back to EQ2 though over WoW, because I felt that WoW was too game like, not as much of a virtual world, and my time spent with was more a “session” than an “experience”.

Another big factor was the styling. I always appreciated WoWs art direction and style, but was never fond of it. The bright colours and cartoon characters and often tongue in cheek references really ruined the sense of immersion .

What I find odd with most Blizzard games is that their opening CGI sequences are dark, dramatic, and quite breathtaking while the actual gameplay tends to be a lot less so , and in some cases the complete opposite to extent of being parody. If WoW was anything like the awesome opening movie in styling and gameply, I would be a customer for life.

I have often reactivated WoW to try to get in to it (to play with co-workers, friends, etc), but after a few sessions I just let my subscription lapse.

At this point WoW is completely out of my system, but I am still quite amazed and impressed at how it STILL is a the topic de jour.

The bright colours and cartoon characters and often tongue in cheek references really ruined the sense of immersion .

I consider WoW a very non-immersive game in some ways, but not so much because of the art direction. More because of the MMO conventions of waiting for spawns, killing the same boss 42 times, etc. Suspension of disbelief is always in dire peril, but I enjoy the game so much that it doesn’t really matter.

The only time I really feel “immersed” in WoW in the sense of atmosphere (as opposed to being deeply involved in the game mechanics, which happens a lot) is whenever I see Ironforge off in the distance. God what a beautiful view that is.

Play EVE Online, now that’s exciting :)

Lorini (who spends her time playing WoW and EVE online)

Immersive MMOG, a sense of a real world? Umm… Asside from UO what MMOG has ever had that? Don’t you dare say EQ.

I have played both and quite frankly I have dropped WOW since everytime I play I feel like a bit of my soul is sucked out thru boredom. EQ2 is quite enjoyable if you get into the right guild. For casual gamers I would suggest a guild not heavily into raiding but more of a family atmosphere. Also make sure you let the officer or guildleader know if you are going to do rotational gaming.

Why make light-hearted nudge-nudge humorous-but-serious “No, take up basket weaving!” posts? I think we can all agree that MMORPGs are a life-sucking consumerbot existential horror story. But they are fun!

In many cases, the guild can make the difference when it comes to finding a “home”.

Perhaps check the server community forums @ the official EQ2 forums to see if any guilds catch your eye.

I’m sure WoW guilds have a place where they recruit as well.

I’ve found guilds for each; both seem decent (although not perfect, but what is). I generally like the people in them, just wish there were more around my level grouping. That’s mostly my problem though - I’ve had that issue with every guild I’ve been in and have come to realize it just means I want people available and around when I happen to play, without wanting to have a set schedule of when I play, which is a bit unfair.

I’ve always looked for that combination of sophisticated enough to do some light raiding/serious grouping, but not overburdensome (i.e. casual but not too casual). What I’ve found is probably as close as I have a right to get.


Don’t you dare say EQ.

Why not? I felt immersed, I got a sense of a real world. This was pre-PoP, admittedly, but still.

I take it that you’re involved in corporate combat/escort ops, and that you don’t spend a lot of time mining/hauling/running factories, which I found to be totally mind-numbing activities. :P

It sure is a purdy-lookin’ game, though. :)

Because you can’t find EQ immersive and in good conscience say WoW isn’t. While WoW is not nearly as alive as UO (although it sure looks better) it is far more alive then EQ. There are children playing in the streets of stormwind, npcs having conversations you can listen too, when you go underwater there is a world to explore, there are schools of fish swimming around, rats (not monster rats) running around, birds flying around, npcs walking around going about thier daily busniess, and so much more. About the most alive thing in EQ is that sometimes, some NPCs walk around. The vast majority are as static and lifeless as the NPCs in AC.