I'm the marketing department's dream boy!

I needed to buy a new monitor for my wife’s laptop (she is dying for a big external monitor) and so I went to Costco - I’d purchased the nice looking Viewsonic 22" monitor there a couple months ago for myself and I’m really happy with it.

Well, now I see there is another Viewsonic there, the vx2245 - same size, but $50 more. It adds extra crap like:

  • iPod dock
  • integrated microphone
  • subwoofer
  • USB ports

… none of which are really that important…

… but I’m such a sucker, I decided to get it anyway. The thought of not having to drag my microphone back and forth on the desk… having a few extra USB ports… subwoofer… iPod docking… mmmmm… so, uh, my wife is getting a hand-me-down monitor, and I’m getting a new monitor!

… yeah, I’ll admit it - I have no willpower (or money). But I do have a shiny new monitor.

I applaud your lack of willpower.

I applaud your viral marketing skills.

Hey, this is a nice monitor, viral marketing or no. Hooked it all up and it works great - the only minor annoyance is that I can’t use the supplied iPod Nano adaptor for my iPod - when I use the adaptor and plug in the iPod, my system says something about “an unknown USB device was installed” and iTunes doesn’t recognize it, whereas if I take the adaptor off and plug the iPod in, it works great. So I just have to be a bit careful when docking my iPod.

The built-in mic works great, the USB hub works great, subwoofer is noticable, and the monitor is nice and shiny, it works great. Heck, I can even play the iPod and have the audio piped thru the speakers (not sure there’s a big demand for that, but it does work).

The only downside was noted from my wife. As mentioned above, I gave my old monitor to her. When I proudly led her to her computer to see it, the first thing she said was “it’s a new monitor? It’s all dusty!” So if anyone is doing the old “hand me down” trick… dust first.

I love viewsonic… but the best part of that link:

“MSRP: $455.00
Your Price: $474.00 *”

LOL I hope you paid less than the msrp and not more!