I'm thinking about getting an iPad Mini retina or iPad Air. How far are we from

…new versions of either of these? I just don’t want to buy and see an announcement of new models in two weeks :).

Is there some kind of improvement likely to be in the next model of either worth waiting for?

They’re only a couple months old, go ahead and buy.

Yeah, buying time is now if you really want one. I think they’re looking at only minor tweaks for the next generation, mainly the addition of Touch ID fingerprint sensors, longer battery life, and slightly improved screens (e.g., colour gamut). The addition of retina to the mini and the mini-style form factor in the iPad Air are the biggest changes we’re likely to see for the next couple of years.

Don’t think we’ll see an update until fall 2014. For sure a good time to buy unless you want to wait it out half year.


Whenever I think about purchasing an Apple product, I always google their release cycle, since they are usually pretty fixed. Like this one: http://buyersguide.macrumors.com/

To answer your question, both items you mention have been out roughly 100 days, and the upgrade cycle for both has been around a year, so seems to me you should be safe purchasing now.

Mini Retina is a fantastic device. I love mine. Having said that, my work has some iPad Airs and they are close in size now that they’ve reduced the side bezels pretty dramatically.

Both are sadly too wide to fit in my pocket. I’m looking forward to the much-rumored 6" iPhone. I used to scoff at people with gigantor phones, but if it would let me carry around one less device all the time, I can see it. Huge phones look silly when you actually talk on the phone, but I don’t do that very often.

I use my tablet for ereading and android reading apps all suck compared to marvin.

The man purse never really caught on. We’re captives to the size of our pockets.

So I’ve wondered if the new bendable displays I hear about will someday be foldable? That could make the difference between too big for a pocket to now it folds and fits in my pocket.

I’ve been happy so far with my Nexus 7. It’s on the large end of what fits in a pocket, but it does fit, and battery life has been stupendously better than my iPod Touch.

What’s wrong with the Kindle app? I use my tablet for reading more than anything else, and I’ve had no real issues with the Kindle app. I rather like that I can use the volume rocker for page forward / page back, which isn’t possible in the closed garden of iOS. I haven’t tried Marvin.

I use a n7 2013 for reading also. It’s borderline, but it does fit in my pocket.

I tried every android ereader and settled on Moon Reader Pro. It’s very configurable, and works well enough, but isn’t elegant like Marvin on iOS.

Could you outline what it is that you like about Moon Reader vs. Kindle? The Kindle reader has a leg up in convenience because 95% of the time I’m purchasing from Amazon, so there’s no additional loading step. Back in the day I purchased a lot of books from Fictionwise, but they’re dead now. The only other source I go to is Baen, and these days they’re offering most of their stuff on Amazon at a slight discount.

I’ve tried Aldiko Premium, Kobo, Kindle, Readmill and Bluefire. I guess I’ll Moon next.

Moon+ is infinitely configurable and supports loading books from every cloud service under the sun. If you buy all your books from amazon the kindle app makes more sense. I get my books from various stores and strip DRM.

Where in particular? More book sources would be good. I know Barnes & Noble (ePub DRM) and Baen (no DRM), but can’t think of any other notable vendors.

Those plus amazon and kobo. I pick up books from whichever one is cheapest.

Speak for yourself, good sir! I rock one of these every day to work, usually carrying my iPad MiniRet and my Kindle (plus other stuff). It’s indispensable, and I get to feel like Indiana Jones!

Those waxed canvas bags are gorgeous, and not ridiculously heavy like the leather ones. Good choice.

Edit: Oh you did get the leather one. Well, the weight differential isn’t too bad on the small ones.

That does look nice. I use a backpack, though – a small one designed for mountain climbing, I believe – because I often ride my bike to work.