Images from SIN CITY

I actually read a Whitta post with images and LIKED it!
Thanks Gary!

That explains the ton of green screens that were seen in that ET sneak peek thing. Pretty funky look.

I love the look of it.

Wow, is the whole movie going to be in black and white with only color highlights?

Why is there a Ferrengi in Sin City?


Deep Sin City Nine

Other than that, the screens look awesome.

As in, Franks William’s Sin City?

If so, neat.

The black and white film noir-ish format is lifted from the comic in that case.

Frank Miller you mean? And yes, it’s his.

This looks very awesome.

Very awesome…

Could Mickey Rourke make a comeback?

This looks thoroughly awesome. More films based on comics should take the risk of looking like it. Dick Tracy and The Hulk scored major points with me for doing so.

Yeah, about the only thing I liked about The Hulk was how it integrated some comic “techniques” into the movie.

Footage of Sin City from Comic Con can be found here.

Is it supposed to be bad, some type of campy feel loved by geeks?

Rourke seems to be staying busy. He wasn’t too bad in Man On Fire and Once Upon A Time In Mexico.

It looks like a parody of Sin City done in that horrible Euro photocomic style. And that makeup looks awful. The one good thing about it is that it makes me appreciate the comic art just that much more. TAKE IT AWAY.

It feels like I’m watching one of those horrendous cutscenes from the Silliwood-era of games, which you get “stars” like Tia Carere in front of a blue screen for 2 hours.

I suppose this is how they afford their huge and impressive cast. By not having much of anything else, like sets. It’s almost like you’re watching a play at times. Extremely minimalist, when you’re not seeing any blue screen backgrounds.

So the whole movie is really going to look like that? Not much in the way of backgrounds and whatnot?

And please tell me the dialogue is better and that’s just placeholder stuff.

Tom, that’s damn near exactly how Miller draws that villain, That Yellow Bastard. Which may beg the point, :D but it ain’t the flick’s fault.