Iminlikewithyou - An Online Social Networking (Seizure Inducing) Website

So, I saw a link for this place.

Re - freakin - diculous! I thought I was going to have a brain aneurysm. I am 22 and I feel too old for this website. All of the flashing lights and colors remind me of how I want to not be on the website.

Not to mention, I had a lot of trouble trying to get into games. You want to see an overdone interface?

I swear, it is like a japanese anime ate facebook and twitter, then threw up.

Yeah, I feel exactly the same way about it. It’s completely insane and incomprehensible, and yet somehow cool. It feels like a website from the future.

EDIT: Well, it sounds like I like it more than you do. I am also clearly outside the target demographic, but I think it’s a very interesting website. I like how alive it feels compared to most web applications.

Iminlikeflint would be cooler

Why hang out with your friends in person when you can do it on the internet? No need to wear clothes that way. Seriously, this is bigger than jesus and wrestling put together.

That sounds like something I would read on QT3 actually.