Immensely positive review of Fahrenheit 9/11

From bizarro world, apparently.

They make sure to name Hilary Clinton, John Kerry, and Ted Kennedy in bold altogether in a critical (and somewhat misleading) fashion. However, Kennedy voted nay on HJ Resolution 114 authorizing the war on Iraq. He was a significant critic.

So I’m sure Sean Hannity will quote that verbatim, because the commentary injected into the article there islying (or the author cannot perform a Google search, since it took me 2 minutes to find the number of the joint resolution and another 2 to find the voting record on it). That’s OK though because without Fox News around I would have nothing to make the NY Times look good in comparison.

Ugh, 114 makes me so sick to my stomach. Fuck Karl Rove.

Anyway, the article does make a point about Eisner. If F9/11 does go on to make a ton of cash (which I think it will) Eisner could be looking really, really dumb and working against shareholder interest, two charges he’s been faced with repeatedly over the last couple of years. Could be the last straw.