Immigration in the US


We can’t lose Armando!

It’s more about the tone of conversation. If we’re at the point where nothing is forbidden and everything is possible, let’s not shirk from pushing liberal issues while fighting back against popularist nonsense.

If Republicans think because Democrats didn’t impeach Clinton 20 years ago everything is permissible, well, let them see what that really looks like in practice.

I don’t see this Trumpist thing surviving a SC challenge, unless the SC really is that far gone.


I really think this was just about drumming up votes ahead of next week’s elections.


I’m sure he means it. He feels obligated to give his supporters what they want, and what he thinks they want is an end to immigration. We’re past the point of this just being noise, this is his program.

Whether he can actually do is the question.


@Menzo I’m with Enidigm here. I truly think Trump meant this and he will attempt to pursue it. Talking to counsel about it isn’t something one would do just to drum up a vote for midterms.


As far as I’m concerned, if he actually signs this Executive Order, he is in clear violation of his Oath of Office to uphold and defend the Constitution.


Cool, we can throw that on the pile of reasons to impeach him


Does this mean Ted Cruz will have to leave?


He’s burrowed into the soft flesh of Texas like a tick, gonna take more than an executive order to get him out.


Oh, I think there’s a little of both here. Trump certainly would LOVE to do his most-favorite presidential thing (signing random crap) and ban brown people from the country, but he probably also knows that there is no way it would survive a legal challenge, even with Kavenaugh on the SCOTUS.

But the reason he’s doing it NOW is to excite his base and desperately get as many racist scumbags to the polls as he possibly can.


I mean, this seems like something they cooked up in the White House aquarium, and once it has to exist in the bigger pond there are going to be a lot of GOP lawyers who are going to be waving this shit off desperately.


“they tell me I can do it with an executive order”

Who is they? The same geniuses that came up with the idea to put children into prisons?




I hear the caravan of invading illegals is bringing back leprosy to the US!

That kind of biblical imagery may work to motivate voters, but sending thousands of troops to the border is just a headline grabbing campaign ad, paid for by taxpayers!


It’s extra funny cause leprosy never left.


It’s mainly that with antibiotics, leprosy is pretty trivially cured. It takes a while, but that’s mainly just to make sure that it’s fully or if your system. It’s not a thing that cause any kind of long term effects in modern society.


Yeah, we see them here, now and then. The wife will make sure the dogs don’t go near them. Same with Trump supporters, actually.


Migrant caravan is bringing disease, but vaccinations aren’t to be trusted.

Makes total sense.


Nobody appreciates the economic value of a good plague anymore… jobs jobs jobs!


Lots of job openings and new jobs.


See? It creates new positions, as well as openings in old ones!