Immigration in the US


Trump is just throwing nonsense at the wall, hoping some of it will motivate his base. Between this and the “caravan invasion” mess, it shows that they have nothing beyond racism to offer.

That will motivate some of his base, for sure. But I have to wonder if this doesn’t hurt him even more among independents and the non-evil wing of his party.


Taibbi looks at Russia begging for immigrants and sees parallels to the US;

Russia should be open not only to Russians and Russian speakers, but to anyone who is loyal and willing to integrate into Russian society.

Russia, you see, has a serious problem with population decline. They’re expecting a 28 percent plunge in women of childbearing age by 2032. Their population peaked at about 148 million, in 1991.

You might notice that as the year of the collapse of communism. After the revolution, a series of factors — including introduction to the joys of international capitalism, with the accompanying loss of free health care, spiking economic inequality, accelerated substance abuse, etc. — caused Russia to begin shrinking.

The average life expectancy of Russian males plunged six years, from a pre- perestroika high of about 70 years to a low of about 64, in 1994. Soon, while American men had a 1 in 11 chance of dying before the age of 55, the dice roll for Russian males was about 1 in 4. The economic catastrophe of the Nineties resulted in at least a few million premature deaths and possibly more, depending on what study you believe.

Sharp increases in mortality seemed directly tied to economic events, like the 1998 collapse of the ruble. Specifically, increased deaths were most commonly tied to alcohol consumption, followed by associated health complications, homicide, suicide and booze-related accidents: flying passenger liners under the influence, forgetting you’re on an ice floe while fishing, guzzling methanol-spiked bath lotion when you run out of vodka, etc.


Yeah, these anti-immigration bozos who want to reduce the legal inflow to half of what it is currently are engaging in serious wishful thinking if they’re expecting our birthrate to rise to make up the difference. We need more immigrants (ideally a lot of young adults), not fewer.


Ah, but that’s why we’ll also make birth control and abortion illegal, and why we want society to go back to the 1950s. Long term goals.


Just make sure you’re very shhhhh about 1950s tax policy. We don’t want that part back.


And wages, which will never happen.



I’m not gonna give his account the benefit of a hit, but I suppose it tars all undocumented immigrants (and why stop with the undocumented ones!) with the brush of the wild exceptions who are serious criminals.


I sometimes respond to Trump’s tweets so that it will be on the record that I think he’s a dipshit. When the Gestapo comes for me, I won’t have the opportunity to pussy out.


I don’t understand. Can you explain?


See those six people over there with furrowed brows? Those guys.



Since 9/11 support for the military hasn’t really been a wedge issue. People might not like wars, but they’re generally ok with soldiers.

Know how to change that? Tell them to shoot some refugees holding rocks and see who supports them then. Bet you $100 it’s a wedge issue after that.


Ugh, there are four old white guys sitting at the next table saying stuff like, “I saw a photo of one of these so-called destitute caravan women looking at a cell phone.” As if there aren’t a million good reasons why someone who is poor might be looking at a cell phone. He probably saw this photo on Facebook courtesy of one of his jackass nephews. And it’s probably a good chance that the photo is of a journalist in Turkey or some shit.

Next they’ll probably start talking about what’s going on at their church this weekend.



Forget old white guys, I heard crap like that from young white guys (friends of my ex). Every time we’d hang out, there’d be some shaking heads about how at the grocery store a mother was paying for her food with “food stamps” – but she owned a smart phone! Disgusting!

The phone could have been a gift. The phone could have been issued by Workforce Services, if she was currently trying to get employed. The phone could have just been something she saved up for, for fuck sake.

I’m surprised I didn’t hear how the mother’s child was wearing new shoes instead of newspaper and duct tape.


Exactly. And on and on. If I were king of the universe, I would be able to snap my fingers and put these fools in the lives of the people they are whining about for a day.

Update on the old white fuckers: they are talking about guns they own.


The global south is awash in cheap Chinese smart phones, for the very good reason that cell technology is far better in low-infrastructure environments. It’s not remotely surprising that poor people in Latin America have smart phones. I see them every day, just as I see the same thing in Africa. The fastest-growing infrastructure technology across Africa is cell phone based payment systems, which would not be the case if people didn’t have the phones.


Yea, old white fuckers love guns, those boomer bastards.

You got a problem with old white guys, don’t you?


I think he has a problem with specific old white guys that frequent his hangout. :)


Dude, you need a hipster coffee shop. Build it and they will come.