Immigration in the US


Idaho. Jesus.


Yay Idaho!

Local news did a poll on what people thought about this incident. 53 percent responded “What’s the big deal? It’s just a costume.”



And when asked about their feelings about “Happy Holidays” being printed on Starbucks cups, the same 53% declared that the War on Christmas continues and those cups signal the end of the world.


It’d be nice if we got some surprises on Tuesday, but I’m not expecting much! Hell, this will probably just energize Republican turnout somehow.


Yet dress up as a tar-and-feathering Nauvoo militia and suddenly it’s a completely different response.


Most of what he replied was tempered but with was full of over generalizations of who was in the caravan, some of that came out of sources like the WP, and off on his numbers that ran mexico’s border and why. Which was easy to refute.

This is the most Trump thing he said, which isn’t utterly wrong.

SOOO TIRED of hearing the whining from the pro illegal folks about how these are “innocent” people simply trying to make a life. There are thousands of US CITIZENS just trying to make a life. Many of them are Veterans. Charity begins at home. When we have solved ALL of our own problems, THEN we can worry about others… and they need to do it legally. The USA admits nearly a million citizenship path people annually… that’s more than the rest of the world combined. US State department under not only Obama but HRC had that on their website. that fact didn’t magically change the day Trump took the Oath of Office


They are doing it legally. Just google “asylum in the US.”

PS - that guy doesn’t give a shit about vets or the homeless. He wouldn’t support any candidate offering more support for them.


Seriously, are people in Idaho that anti-Mormon that they can tell such a uniform from any other military uniform of the 1840’s?


There’s a ton of Mormons in Idaho. I worded it really poorly, but I meant dress up as the militias that burned them out of Nauvoo and other places and suddenly they’re not so sanguine about it “just being a costume”.


I have to ask, is this a specific incident? Because the way you describe it sounds like a specific incident.


Multiple incidents! The early days of Mormonism are filled with violence (they do share a lot of the blame). Speaking of which, said history should inform the modern American as to why LDS folk tend to be pro-gun and anti-government and a natural fit for the Republican party of the last few decades.

There was the 1838 Mormon War in Missouri which led directly to Governor Boggs issuing the Extermination Order to kill or expel all Mormons found within the state. After Joseph Smith and his brother were assassinated, they migrated up to Illinois where the violence began again. Mormons abandoned outlying settlements and concentrated in Nauvoo. Violence between Mormons and other people in the state continued for years, eventually driving the Mormons out of Nauvoo and led to them all picking up stakes and settling in Utah.

EDIT: Oh, and in terms of a specific incident:


I don’t know anyone who is pro-illegal. They should choose a term that has some connection with reality if they want to be taken seriously in a conversation.


Oh, I see. I thought you were referring to the Nauvoo Legion, set up by Smith to defend Mormons from the type of mob that ultimately killed him and his brother.


Interesting bit of history for sure.

Though I definitely failed on clarity. I meant that were there Mormons upset about a costume as the specific incident. I knew about, broadly, the different troubles and such. Though not specific details. I figured the Navuoo raid was a specific thing.

Basically I can see why such a costume may be upsetting, so has this been a thing where people dressed up as such, or is this a hypothetical example you’ve developed based on your experiences in order to explain why people get upset by blackface, dressing as Nazis, or as a border wall.


Oh, I misunderstood! No, I’m not aware of any costume incident, I just know how people are around here. “Gosh, it’s just a costume, I’m so sick of everyone being so politically correct. No one can have fun anymore!”. But the barest hint of making light of something they can actually relate to? The outrage immediately goes to 11.


Ah, ok. Thanks for that local insight. I maintain that deliberately dressing in a costume you know may offend people is generally, at best, in poor taste, and that if you choose to do so you damn well better understand this and be intentional on your approach.

That said the urge to go around SLC dressed as one of those raiders is rather tempting.



I think he’s just subtracting from 100 and rounding the answer to 3.



You know me ;-)

I am pro-illegal/semi-legal/quasi-legal/questionably-legal/etc. immigration right up until we remove all barriers for immigration and open the borders to all <3