Immigration in the US


Now this is a caravan I can get behind.


This would all be hilarious if it wasn’t so expensive – and these poor troops spending time in lousy conditions away from family for Thanksgiving.


Man, I don’t like Texas either, but that’s a little harsh! ;)


Heh. They’re not sitting in a nice pub in Dallas. They’re in unoccupied desert scrublands in West Texas along the border. A Times reporter embedded with the troops made it sound not awful, but not like where you’d choose to be if you’d had your druthers. Lots of heat exhaustion going around.


I wonder if they can see the tent cities from their camp.


Manuel Duran is a journalist, and we all know why ICE is doing this.


The war on white men continues unabated.


Like militarized policing? Has the Trump administration got something for you!


Jesus. God help us when the final cuffs come off Trump.


This caravan thing is actually going to be bad. It’s not going to go away.


The spin I’ve seen is the DACA resident “stole” a spot from a “deserving American” that should’ve gotten it.


It’s so insane that migration is at a 15 year low and Trump keeps his base terrified and enraged all the time.


Much easier to blame an outside force for your problems than confront the real issue.



That is better than having the Army shoot them.

And not to be a smart ass cause I know I am much more conservative on illegal immigration than most here, but if they are trying to cut the wire, climb the fence or enter some other way, what would you do.

I know, you would welcome them with open arms.


I mean, it’d make you pretty inhumane to do anything else.


Set up an area to process their asylum pleas and handle things in an orderly fashion?

Or you know, shoot tear gas at children. Same difference.


One of those requires some modicum of competence, so that’s out.



I’m nearly as liberal as it comes when it comes to immigration, but how could you possibly set up a facility to handle 5k+ people coming at the same time? And what do those people think is going to happen? There is a process for applying for asylum, and it doesn’t involve climbing over fences and making a run through the border.

You can’t gather 5k people and just show up at the door expecting a red carpet to be rolled out for you.

What’s happening at the border now is terrible optics. The imagery actually looks like an “invasion” and exactly what the right said would happen.

I don’t know what the answer is though. If we had set up some sort of holding facility to house and feed these migrants for the weeks/months it’d take for their applications to be processed, next month it’d be 10k more people, then 20k.