Immigration in the US


Yup. It’s why walls are really only effective to attack once cannons are invented. Trying to siege a fortress like Constantinople without at least one cannon is just nearly impossible. And don’t forget the boats! If you can’t block the port, you’ll never take it.

So really we need more boats to go with the wall, it’s the only way. And hope the Mexicans haven’t reached up to gunpowder yet.


Look, it’s a fact that there are no 30’ tall ladders because they’d collapse under their own weight. Scaling a wall that high is literally impossible. It’s science.


Not for Hombre Araña!



It’s cool, a lot of GOP Christians don’t really recognize her as a child anyways. She’s just a brown invader, trying to mooch off America’s teat.


Not the US but I thought it was interesting.


How long was that girl in custody? Does anyone know?


There’s a timeline here:


Was the bus properly air conditioned or was it a prison bus?


So she was only in their custody for a few hours before being airlifted to a hospital… That’s at least better than i had originally thought, where she got dehydrated and died under their care

Still an indictment of the overall mess, but perhaps not of the agents themselves, which i had originally assumed.


Trump and cronies need to be branded on their foreheads so they can’t slink away afterwards from being complicit.


The part that I am a little suspicious of is where they were held for 5 hours at the outpost while the bus made the round-trip to the detention facility with the first load of migrants. She was sick when she got on the bus after the 5 hours. The article said that during those 5 hours the prisoners “had access” to food, water and restrooms. “Had access” leaves a lot of room for interpretation.


They totally need to investigate it, in depth.


Agree. When it comes to the Trump administration the default assumption should be they are lying to cover up something. They no longer deserve the benefit of the doubt or an assumption of competence.


Didn’t someone use trebuche’s (sp)?


Yes, they are. I’m now back to conspiracy theory #2. Donald Trump is actually not a Putin mole, he is George Soros mole. In return for saving the Trump organization by Soros bailout, he promised to permanently destroy the Republican party,.


Too late, you stupid motherfucker. We all the way up in Seattle now.


It was an EU IV joke for Kevin ;)


And it was a joke well received! :)


I figured it was referencing something for somebody.