Immigration in the US




These people aren’t journalists or media, they are propaganda officers.


Had awkward dinner with parents and brought up their support for Trump who is now kicking out Viet immigrants in the US. Got it hand-waved off as those being the “criminals, gangsters, killers and bad-seed Viets” who have no one but themselves to blame if they haven’t gotten American citizenship by now.


I feel like all the criminals… Would be in jail?

I suspect the crime rate among boat people who fled to the US is damn near zero.


From what I saw of the articles posted above, Trump has 8000 vietnamese-americans in processing, 7000 did some sort of crime (ill defined, I don’t know if parking tickets or tax fraud or whatever). That’s still 1000 innocents.


How could this be? State propaganda just told us immigrants are bad.


We now have a problem with southeast Asian gangs here. But those are people born here, not immigrants.


EL PASO, TEXAS — Jakelin Caal’s father Saturday denied Trump administration claims that his daughter, who died in Customs and Border Patrol custody, “had not eaten or consumed water for several days,” insisting that she had been eating and drinking water and had shown no signs of ill health prior to being taken into custody by CBP agents.

In a statement provided to the press Saturday, attorneys for Caal’s father, Nery Gilberto Caal, also rejected allegations that he and his daughter had spent days in the desert south of the New Mexico border.

“Jakelin had not been crossing the desert for days. Jakelin’s father took care of Jakelin — made sure she was fed and had sufficient water,” the lawyers said in the statement, adding that the Caals “sought asylum from the Border Patrol as soon as they crossed the border.”
Although Garcia declined to give details about their trip from Guatemala, he did say they had largely traveled by bus, and that they had not spent significant time in the remote desert west of Juarez where they ultimately crossed the border.

Meanwhile, the Daily Beast Saturday evening reported that the remote New Mexico facility where the Caals were held has had a history of contaminated water, according to a 2016 Inspector General’s report.


Of course the Trump administration and Border Patrol lied. It’s literally all they know how to do.




Make the border patrol only drink from that.


Hey, I agree with something on Fox News. This will guarantee the wall never happens.


I’m sure building a giant wall across the country won’t have any effect on desert ecosystems…


Even Tucker Carlson can’t believe Fox put this shit on the screen.


And then they came for the butterflies…


Cactus lover Tuck must be furious at Trump’s EPA.


Explains some of his more pained expressions.


OMG this cant be real can it?

I feel like a broken record this week, but in typical Republican fashion, it’s ok to screw others, but as soon as it happens to them they’re upset and concerned.