Immigration in the US


On no, they just can’t do that!

In addition to being worried about Trump taking some of her family’s land, she also says she’s disturbed by rumors that the government will build the wall to the north of their neighborhood.

“They can’t leave us on the Mexican side,” Rios pleaded to the LA Times .


I’d be willing to use our tax dollars to fund that specific section of wall.


IANAL, but this strikes me as possibly a crime.

As I understand it, under US law the President proposes to Congress a ceiling on accepted asylum claims, and Congress has the authority to approve or amend that proposed ceiling. If the Executive branch can unilaterally impose a lower ceiling secretly by slow-walking asylum claims or turning people away before they can apply, then doesn’t that rob Congress of their say in the matter?


That’s not talking about claims accepted, it’s talking about the rate of processing. Also, regardless of domestic law, I don’t really see the treaty basis for a cap on accepted claims. All well founded claims are supposed to be accepted.


Yes, I know; they’re turning away asylum seekers at the border for no reason other than to discourage asylum claims, despite the fact that the law allows for more accepted claims than they want to grant. It basically nullifies the Congressional approval process.

Nonetheless, there is such a cap encoded in US law.


These pos people. Is this another case where we’re supposed to welcome them with arms, not point out how wrong they are and ignore the fact they’re not actually admitting they’re wrong. They only thing they’re doing here is what the other guy did, suddenly realizing it affects them, directly.



This is one of the best\worst tweets Trump had ever sent.


How does a wall, made of concrete, or steel or what the fuck ever save “BILLIONS of dollars a month”?

Oh right he is a deranged drooling imbecile.


His original idea was a titanium-kryptonite alloy.


Every second, 20 trillion illegal immigrants cross the border and collect welfare.


Artistically designed steel slats huh. Boy his spin machine never ends doe it?


Steel slates are the new hipster material of choice for building walls, and also children playgrounds.



No, deer, it doesn’t.


Well, that’s the thing. I live in the Overlook neighborhood of North Portland-- a lot closer in than you, apparently. There used to be (like 20 years ago) a lot of Vietnamese places just past the Hollywood area of Northeast, but I think those have all moved out to the sticks due to the real estate prices. About 15 years ago there were some great Pho places on NE 82nd, and CHEAP – you could get a bowl as big as your head back then for 5 to 6 bucks.

I need to read some current restaurant reviews obviously.



I won’t link to it, but there’s an Air Force vet who’s started a gofundme campaign so that we, the people, can pay for the wall. He’s raised over a million dollars in two days.


He’s just a tad short. heh. I look forward to their few miles long beautiful wall though.


A few miles? That’s like 20 feet.