Immigration in the US


I’m betting that he pockets the money and is never heard from again.

I would.



He should. Morons giving to that deserve to lose their cash.


For a million dollars? I know this thing is supposed to be high but sheesh.


Well, let’s do the math.

The border is 1,954 miles. Estimates for the cost of the wall are all over the place, but as high as $20 billion.

So let’s round up the length to 2,000 miles. That means each mile costs $10,000,000. So $1,000,000 gets you 1/10th of a mile, or 528ft.


Those 500 feet will be a work of art, however.


Clearly I am in the wrong business here.


That shit probably won’t even be that artistically designed.


I can’t decide which is more disheartening: the possibility that this is a scam, or the possibility that it isn’t.


I’ve read 85 billion or more, somewhere. It was linked off here I think.


Government construction contracts are the best kind. Just ask the guys building the high speed rail line in California, or the someone in the military contracts business.


My uncle has worked in the Navy drawing ships or whatever for 30-40 years. The biggest change is they are now privatized so they can waste even more government money.


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I did watch War Dogs… :(




More about wall guy.

Seems sketchy…



You go girl!