Immigration in the US


Ugh, this is horrible. Maybe he was allergic to the antibiotic?





Common cold rarely causes fever or warrants 90 minutes of observation.




I wonder if they just didn’t check him out properly and check for something like acute appendicitis. If he was from Guatemala there’s also a possibility that he only spoke an indigenous language and even with a competent Spanish-English interpreter present they couldn’t get a description of the symptoms.


Honestly my guess is ICE told the hospital to fix him quick, “we gotta get him outta there”.

They’re sub-human so they don’t deserve the same care is what 40% of the population thinks.



The rebuttal from Trumpers is the same its always been: It’s the parents’ fault for endangering their own children.


Didn’t hear a peep about this from my Trumpist Guatemalan mother this holiday…


God I hate these people:

DHS is seeking to examine health conditions at Mexican migrant facilities, the official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity. Nielsen will soon be visiting installations south of the border.

No - the kids got sick and died here. So instead of inspecting our facilities and subsequent treatment, instead they’re going to inspect Mexico’s. Mexico should refuse as it’s pretty insulting. Be like sending Republican’s to oversee Democratic elections in another country.


Did you guys hear about Secretary Nielsen’s disgusting statement made in the wake of the latest death in CPB custody implying that the people coming here are diseased?

God how I hate these Nazi fuckfaces.


Heh, sorry, I’m a little behind in this thread. But it’s funny to read this now, since Nancy Pelosi was wrong.

I wonder what votes she was counting as “No” votes that turned out to be yes votes? Maybe from the outgoing GOP members that got defeated in November?


She was still kinda right. Safe statement for her to make, since this didn’t pass. (She knew it was DOA in the Senate, no matter what happened with defeated lame duck House moderates deciding to give her the finger by voting aye on this.)


It strikes me as kind of a throwaway line. The Farm Bill from the day before needed Democratic votes to get it to the President’s desk. The GOPers in the House know it’s dead in the Senate, so she probably didn’t imagine they’d fly back from vacation to vote for it. Here’s the transcript:

It really would be – now, what is important is, as I said, they didn’t even have the votes to pass the rule for the Farm Bill yesterday, a bill that was wildly possible – popular when it came up. It didn’t have the votes to pass the rule without our help for the Farm Bill.

They do not have the votes to pass the President’s proposal, $5 billion, whatever it is, for the wall. So, I don’t know why – nothing is going to change in that regard. I don’t know why we just don’t proceed to keep government open so that people can be home for the holidays and enjoying all of that.

But yeah, she was wrong. I think she rolls her eyes a bit at gotcha reporting like “never get in a counting war with Pelosi.” Read the transcript. She’s very sharp, very focused on her agenda, very good at press conferences, which she holds once a week:

Q: The question is, what should the repercussions be for the President, assuming these allegations are true?

Speaker-designate Pelosi. Well, let me just say that it’s interesting that these allegations against the President are coming from his own Justice Department. This is not about Robert Mueller. This is about the Justice Department, so we’ll see how they pursue it.

But from our standpoint, what we’re interested in is meeting the needs of America’s working families, to spend our time lowering health care costs by reducing the cost of prescription drug, increasing paychecks by building infrastructure for America. Both of those things are things that the President said he wanted to do during the campaign, so this is common ground and, again, reducing the role of big dark money in politics.

I wish – I wish that the press would spend a lot more time on what we need to do here to meet the needs of the American people instead of morning, noon, and night allegations against the President. The Justice Department, the Mueller investigation, they will work their will.

But there are other things that are going on that are newsworthy, and I think you had more viewers and readers that you would address the concerns that people have rather than just this ongoing, ongoing coverage of what’s current with the President from one day to the next.


I still have trouble understanding this, man. But I’m trying.


Is she on your list to have her grave shat upon?


I think I’ll preserve this bit of excrescence for posterity.


So Trump is tweeting about a person here in the US illegally allegedly killing a police officer, and promoting WALL, and I have to wonder: does the media ever check the stats to determine if these alleged “bad hombres” who are here illegally actually crossed the border illegally? The right seems to assume all people here illegally entered illegally but the stats consistently show almost half entered the US in a perfectly legal fashion and then just overstayed their visas, b/c our employer-level enforcement is so lax.

I’d like kinda like to see, every time this BS comes up, a little reality check, “Mr. X, here in the US illegally, entered legally on a valid visa in Year Y, but overstayed years A to B, working at companies C,D, and E, who never attempted to verify his work status.” (Oddly, the government actually has most of this info in most cases based on visa and tax records.)

Every single time I see the right slamming someone for illegally being here, I want to know how many companies illegally employed that person and I wonder what the differential between what they actually paid in wages versus the median wage was. Because in most cases, every “illegal immigrant” represents thousands or tens of thousands of dollars of below-median wages paid by employers and yet the right never utters a peep about those employers.

I get so damn tired of this issue. The racism, the ignorance, the bloody-minded blindness of the right. Bah.


You mean excrescence from posterior.


It’s a tough one. Lifelong Republican, serious case of hypocrisy re: immigration, and has never really earned enough to drop hundreds of thousands onto charity like my dad has over his 40+ working years (which necessarily complicates the calculations of his net benefit to the world, even if his politics are much more virulently hateful and directly racist).

On the other hand, she’s very nice to me and used to make all my friends sandwiches when they came over.