Immigration in the US


Gotcha, if narrowed to state sponsored kidnapping instead of a more generic evil, your statement makes more sense to me.

It’s especially horrifying because it was clear Trump is using this as a deterrent. It’s sickening.


It’s what his supporters voted for. Hence why I’m pretty comfortable calling them evil.


And the good ol’ US of A


In the past though, it was intentional. At this point, I think it’s just incompetence that is driving it.


I think there’s both going on. Clearly there’s an intent to use kidnappings as a deterrence, because they’ve said so themselves. And Stephen Miller.




But the evil brown “invasion” is just like Pearl Harbor.


The kidnapping was intentional.

The losing the kids in the process, probably incompetence, but I’m betting there is some child trafficking going on that some people in the agency saw as a gold mine just waiting for them to exploit.


Man, I had a really off-color dig to make regarding the Republican platform regarding that, but I don’t think I can crack a joke about this, even if it’s at their expense.

Sometimes this whole situation just feels too surreal to be reality, but then I remember we truly have thousands of children stolen from their families with no idea how to reunite them. I just feel so much rage.


This is mostly coming from President Miller. DJT enjoys being Miller’s mouthpiece, but he doesn’t give enough of a shit about anything himself to engineer this.


Can you imagine the outrage if one, just ONE, Republican politician’s child was taken away from them? The country would probably be going to war. They think of these people as less than human. They simply aren’t important.



I believe everyone has 4 grandparents. At least 4.


I had three grandparents and a fucking jackass.


Not people who are inbred. There goes even more of Trump’s support.


Yup, child separation is a bureaucratic policy designed to make people afraid to come here. It just requires sacrificing our souls, and all that made us good.


True, this is the psychological component of “the wall” but it’s also the worst kind of nationalism – as if these people don’t deserve their own children, but we can somehow save the kids from their parents by taking them and raising them here as Americans. We are literally kidnapping babies to throw into our own dysfunctional child welfare system.


But remember it’s rude to call the people who voted for this shit evil.


Yeah let’s reach across the aisle to make nice with a group that manufactures new ways to dehumanize others on a daily basis, now targeting fellow Americans at five!


Surely we can meet them halfway between caging all children and caging no children, otherwise we are as bad as they are!