Immigration in the US


We’re going to need a whole new Wikipedia page for this… you know in the future when we look back on it with horror and kids write book reports on it as one of the most shameful American moments. I think we should start with this as a template, any ideas hay guys


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4 grandparents BORN in the US. Jesus Christ.
I wouldn’t qualify because my mother’s side is Canadian.

Edit: As far as at least 4 grandparents, Ann was covering for these guys.


Terry Pratchett did that joke a few times. It’s one of my favorites. Once was with Vimes talking to the people who wanted to put the Dragon as a King, and the other was between Nobby + Colon.


Fahrenthold is so good.


Oh please God, can something still matter in 2019? Because if people actually are exposed to this information and are able to absorb it (instead of utilizing the Fake News Ostrich Maneuver), seems like it would really piss off his racist/xenophobic base.

I know that’s a lot of ifs and I’m a little doubtful this will gain traction, but I can keep a glimmer of hope that this will be one of the thousand cuts that brings him down in 2020, can’t I?


It doesn’t matter, because to Trumpists, business that use illegal immigrant labor are just being smart about their costs.

The immigrants themselves, however, are foreign invaders who deserve to be shot while trying to cross the border.

It’s pretty simple: it’s the brown people who are stealing the jobs, not the white ones who provide them.


Part of the blue wave in NC was election of some new sheriffs in large counties which promised less ICE cooperation. There have just recently been some large high-profile ICE roundups and raids in these counties, and ICE is suggesting that this stepped up action is directly in response to their loss of local cooperation. I’m not sure if this is intended to be punitive, or just more open action under their own name which would have happened anyhow.

" Atlanta field office director Sean Gallagher estimated the agency had detained about two hundred people across the state this week, not including about thirty picked up (at a Sanford gun manufacturing plant.) […]

Usually, he continued, ICE makes about fifty at-large arrests per week in the region under his supervision, which includes Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina."


Good news: we placed over 99% of children with adults who are NOT child traffickers.


So how does a child trafficker get in contact with ICE to help offload these kids? Do they just call them up and start making bids? Do they have to prove they’re traffickers first?